Is It A Must To Get A Fully-Automatic Washing Machine?

Laundry was not one of my favorite chores at home as I used to get backaches after doing several hours worth of laundry with my hands. It became an entirely different story when we found the perfect washing machine for our small family. Suddenly, I am looking forward to laundry day and it has become my favorite and now I do laundry as often as I possibly can.

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So going back to the question, is it a must to get a fully-automated washing machine? My answer is a resounding “Yes!” It pays to invest on a good washing machine as it really is such a big help around the home. Just imagine all the free time you get when you do not have to do the laundry by hand? I am thankful for my washer, Fuzzy, it was like having an extra pair of hands to work around at home and since she arrived, I have more time for more things that matter like spending more time with my boys.

Here is an exciting news from our friends at Sharp about their new fully-automatic washing machine. Read on to know more, especially if you are on the look out for the perfect automatic washing machine for your home.

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Thankful Thursday: Of Blessings +Thanksgiving

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I was visiting a number of blogs earlier today and chanced upon a couple of posts on goal-setting or bucket list for 2017 and I cannot help but feel great that a lot of people are including “be thankful” and “be grateful” in their lists. I would like to believe that nothing could go wrong if we include gratitude and thanksgiving in our plans. We ought to make it a personal goal to be mindful about being grateful and thankful at all times. Keeping an attitude of gratitude, after all, entails a big amount of conscious effort to continue to focus on what’s good and what’s positive whatever life throws at us. And, sometimes, the only difference between a good and a bad day is our attitude towards it! Now, more than ever, we need to persevere to always see the good in people and situations. Gratitude also allows for more blessings and happiness to fill our lives!

Today I am thankful:

  • for love and intimacy :heart:
  • for the magnificent sun finally chasing the gloomy rainy weather away
  • for the incoming opportunities for my blogs
  • for precious time spent with my boys  :heart:
  • for the lovely little wild flower Jared picked to surprise me when I got home  :rose:
  • for the time to rest and relax when I need it most
  • for the opportunity to catch up with mum blogger and pr friends
  • for coffee  and tea {especially during those very cold mornings}
  • for The Goo Goo Doll’s song, Boxes
  • for “me time” in the morning
  • for the marching bands and colorful processions at yesterday’s fiesta
  • for my new notebooks!
  • for those grocery errands that I enjoy the most
  • for ginataang tulingan  😀 

How about you, what are you thankful for today?

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3 Things To Love About Cusina Dishwashing Liquid

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This is a long overdue post and has been sitting on my “Drafts” folder for months now. I am glad I finally managed to publish it. Read on to know more about this all-natural dishwashing liquid that this green mum is raving about!

I have always loved natural and earth-friendly products, they are not only safe for my little man but also for the environment and our planet. That is why I was thrilled when I got this package from Cusina Dishwashing Liquid containing samples of their dishwashing liquid trio.

Cusina Dishwashing Liquid comes in 3 variants in vibrant 375ml bottle:

  1. Ginger Yuzu Peel ~ Slightly sweet and citrusy, with floral note from the Japanese yuzu fruit, and a spicy yet soothing hint from ginger make this a delicate scent that promotes tranquility
  2. Lemongrass Citrus ~ a first whiff reveals a familiar lemon scent. But then again, like discovering a new favorite song, in comes a mid-note of stimulating citrus with an energizing minty lemongrass finish.
  3. Grapefruit Lemon Zest ~ like your cheery fun-loving friend, Grapefruit Lemon Zest’s scent is there to brighten your day with uplifting top notes of fresh pink grapefruit and a clean, crisp lemon zest end.

Cusina Dishwashing Liquid is very effective in removing dirt and hard-to-remove grease. I also love how it leaves plates, pots, and pans, as well as those microwaveables {which are so tricky to wash} squeaky clean after each wash. It is also effective in removing odors from the hands, especially after peeling garlic and onions or preparing meat and fish dishes, so I always wash my hands with Cusina Dishwashing Liquid after working in my tiny kitchen. And because it is made of concentrated liquid, just a few drops of Cusina goes a long way! Among the 3 variants, I love Grapefruit Lemon Zest the most because grapefruit and lemon are two of my most favorite fruits and scents.

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