happy birthday, ma!

me + mama on my very 1st birthday

In Memoriam

Adoracion De Leon Parungao

{25 October 1949 – 03 February 2007}

My Mama would’ve been 62 years old today + if she were alive I’d probably tag her along to watch that much-raved-about film of Anne Curtis, she will probably enjoy it! Or treat her out to eat her favorite Lomi + halo-halo. I bet she will love it. She is all so easy to please, you see.

I would never know for sure how our lives would turn out if Mama did not leave us for good that fateful day of February, 4 years ago {it was my sister Isabel’s birthday}.  But one thing I will know for sure, our lives had never been the same since then. Special occasions like birthdays and Christmases seem to  lack in color + festivities. Our hearts, simply void in one spot, never to be filled again.

What I am today as a mum, I owe it all to my own mother.  She taught me valuable things about life, about giving + about putting your trust in our Maker. She led a very simple life, but a full life, nonetheless, always open + ready to help all those who are in need.

Somehow, I hope I make her proud in my little achievements + hopefully I can become the mother that she was to my own child.

Ma, I know you are smiling down on us. You + Papa are probably keeping watch all the time. I know you are in a much better place now. Know that we love you so much. Enjoy your birthday up there…until we meet again…

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happy birthday jared!

My ever dearest Jared,

You are turning a big 2 today, Love, + you are growing faster than ever.  Has it actually been 2 years, cause I really haven’t noticed the time flying by, it seemed to have stopped or has taken on a new dynamics when we are together. Seems like it was only yesterday when I’ve given birth to you + you first came into our lives, every single day is as exciting as the last + I will forever be grateful to the ALL for entrusting you to me.

Thank you son for putting up with all my drama {I know I’d hear many a protest once you get older ;)} + for being generous with your laughters + your wet kisses + your hugs! I live for them. Thank you for putting up with the sometimes-lousy-and-impatient mother that was me. Thank you for teaching me invaluable lessons about life + patience. Thank you for making me rediscover my inner child + thank you for giving me a whole new + brighter perspective about life. 

I couldn’t tell you enough how much I love you + I’ll make sure to tell you + make you feel it everyday. Thank you for giving me the chance to experience the wonderful rapture of a mother’s love to her child. I shall never be the same again.

Thank you for magnifying my better half. I look forward to all our future adventures + if, in time, I’d be able to teach you a thing or two about living your life to the fullest, then I’d give myself a pat on the back knowing I did my job well.

Happy Birthday, Son! 



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all i want for my birthday is…

I am turning a big 32 today + you know what else I want apart from this nasty cough + colds to go away? I wish the rain will abate + somehow for typhoon Mina to stop bringing in the unkind weather in our land! It has been rainy for several days now. Last Thursday, the little man + I was not able to go out cause it started drizzling the moment we were about to leave + it went on for several hours or so.  A lot of our plans to go out had been thwarted by the unannounced rain + we’ve been trying to keep sane locked up in our home.

All I want for my birthday is to go out + spend some fun time with my son anywhere else apart from the house! Maybe enjoy a nice lunch or snacks, stroll in the mall, let Jared ride a merry-go-round {as I’ve promised him one several weeks ago} browse through shops, splurge on some postcards + scout for a nice headphone {I meant to buy a new one as a birthday gift to myself, am just waiting for my funds to come!}. I’d also want to check out California Pizza Kitchen as I’ve never tried eating there before {plus I’ve got a P500 CPK GC I bought online months ago that I’ve been itching to use + is expiring this month}. I also have a GC for spa treatment that I’ve won online that I’d love to use, I’d love to get a mani/pedi {my toes badly need one!} or a massage is also most-inviting.

I just basically want to enjoy my day but unless the rain lets up, am facing another entire day of house arrest, which I pray won’t happen on my birthday. Oh, please….:(

image from https://www.twobostons.com

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