Oli’s Uncommon Cents Book Giveaway Extended

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You read that right! I am extending this giveaway for another two weeks just to give others more time to join + hopefully get a chance to join Oli + her cents in their wonderful adventure. I have been getting some very creative names for their cents + here are a few of them:

  • Penny ~ Kivuloru, baboosh, silsilyo + loneny
  • Nickel ~ Saletesa, siliver, yunnie, mamera, half-hearted nick
  • Dime ~ Dime-mention, salapi, vee, little bitty
  • Quarter ~ Babaloona, middle road, moon, mamiso, obo, queer quartz
  • Silver ~ starry ever, kwarta, ubu, artemis, the big one, gemini

I am sure you can think of more creative names, so keep those entries coming. Just take note that all tasks are mandatory, especially the naming of the coins, as this will be the basis for judging our 4 lucky winners. Again, 3 copies of Oli’s Uncommon Cents are up for grabs, as well as a $20 Amazon Gift Card! So waste no time + join this giveaway now!¬†

Check out the Oli’s Uncommon Cents Giveaway Post to join! You have until Father’s Day to do so. Good luck ūüėČ
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