And It’s March Already?

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am not a cat person but this is simply beautiful and the text is so inspiring, I just had to share it….

Time is simply whizzing by, won’t you agree? I wonder where the first 2 months of 2014 went. In between the home chores, blogging and looking after the little man {who will be on his 3rd month in his playschool this March, by the way}, I barely have time for other things. But leaving Jared at  his playschool is a very welcome break. Now I have a few hours each day to spend on my own. I normally go about the errands that need to be finished depending on the demands of the day, while on other days I simply sit in one corner of the playschool to write drafts of would-be blog posts or read a book as I wait for the little one’s class to be over.

I simply love the feeling of being so productive with my time and accomplishing a number of goals I have set out for myself. I’ve already been to SSS to pay for 2 months’ worth of contributions to cover up for January and February and am really hoping I can manage to pay my contributions regularly from here on, to a number of OB-Gyne asking for the most affordable HPV vaccine and I guess I am going to settle for my original OB as she has one of the most reasonable prices around, so all I need now is to save up for the 3 shots of HPV vaccine! 

This month I intend to give Club Royale a visit to inquire about their swimming lessons and go to the Yoga Center, too, so I can finally get back to spending time with my mat and my beautiful little family at the center. It has been a while since I’ve been there and I really miss everyone so much. I can do my class while Jared is in school so am sure this is something that will actually work for me. Also, it is time to go school-hopping and scout for a big school for the little man. I’ve included that in our to-do list this month and I am hoping we can do it soon. There are a number of schools in my list and I hope we can visit some of them this week.

So, yeah, this month is proving to be one busy month, hopefully we can include a family bonding activity, like going to the park or to the beach somewhere in between. Summer is one of my fave seasons and I do hope this month will turn out to be swell for all of us!

What are your plans for this month and how are you coping with the scorching heat? I’d love to read all about it! 🙂

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