Mum Eats: Welcome Back the School Year with Cindy’s Baon Pack!

It’s that time of the year again. The back-to-school season can be challenging for mothers when it comes to their kid’s daily school baon.

Cindy’s Bakery & Restaurant understands that, which is why they have come up with an exciting Back-to-School Baon Promo!

Starting June 10, 2019, all Cindy’s stores will offer assorted products that is bundled in a box with 1 FREE TUMBLER!

Snack time at school will definitely be more fun while munching either of the bundled products that includes: 2 pcs Egg Pie {any flavor}, 2 pieces Cheesy Ensaymada and 3 pieces Cheesy Butter. The best part is that it comes with a cool tumbler where moms can put her kid’s favourite drinks on. Check out their website to know more about their promos.

Cindy’s in a nutshell

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Beauty + Wellness: “It Is Not Selfish To Take Care Of Yourself!”

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Being a mom is hard work. Whether you are a stay-at-home or a working mom, having to juggle multiple responsibilities and knowing that your offspring’s life highly depends on you can absolutely be dreary. Most of the time, moms need to make personal adjustments too just to cope with such situation. Once you become a mom, you tend to put your little one’s needs first before yours. And that’s where it gets a little too overwhelming.

But when you stop caring for yourself, your ability to care for your child will also be affected. “I am a mom of four and as far as I remember, I spent most of my adulthood caring for my children,” shares Tina, a 43-year-old mom. “I start my day at 5:00am, fixing my kids’ baon and preparing them for school. Once they leave the house, I go on with my usual routine- clean the house, do the laundry, check their assignments, prepare dinner, wash the dishes and then put them to bed. Sometimes my husband jokes that I don’t time for him anymore as I am too focused on being a good mom! But funnily though, that is true. We don’t get to spend quality time anymore,” she quips. “Don’t get me wrong but I love being a mom because it is really fulfilling. It’s just that by being too focused on being a good mom, I have neglected other
important things as well” she added.

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