Mum Lists: Top 12 Christmas Gift Ideas

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It is only 10 days before Christmas and if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, then you are in a luck as I dish out some last-minute Christmas gift ideas for your family, friends, or inaanaks {godchildren}. And since I am sure most of you will be put off by the horrendous holiday traffic and long queues in the mall, how about shopping for you Christmas gifts online? All you have to do is click a few buttons to order and pay for them and wait for your dependable courier to deliver these gifts right into your doorsteps. Sounds like a very good plan, right? And just about perfect, so you can finish the many other things on your holiday to-do list whist waiting for your delivery.

Here are a few cutesy Christmas gift ideas I though most mums will like:

1. Life Saver Watch From Lovehopefaithgroup

The Christmas season is also the best time to teach children about charity and helping others. What better way to demonstrate that than by giving out gifts that actually help save lives. The Life Saver Watch from the Lovehopefaith group is a perfect Christmas gift idea. You not only make your family and friends happy with their new watch, but even made them feel even better by letting them now that their gifts help save the lives of sick children.

Each watch sells at Php250. You may get yours at Lovefaithhopegroup on Instagram.

2. Toothboxes from Raiz&Rafa

Here’s a unique keepsake gift you can get for your child or maybe for some random kids on your list. Safe keep those fallen little milk teeth. Also includes slot for baby’s umbilical cord stump and first hair cut. A wonderful remembrance for every child indeed. Order here!

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This is a lovely keepsake for the little one’s baby teeth, something that every mum will appreciate. I have been eyeing to get one of these for as long as I can remember, so I was really excited to finally purchase from Raiz&Rafa a few months back. These toothboxes comes in two designs for baby boys and girls and sells for Php350. Apart from these cutesy keepsakes, Raiz&Rafa also carries a wide assortment of educational toys, including wooden toys and soft books for small children, which are perfect gifts for your inaanaks!

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Mum Finds: JBL® Jr Headphones Specifically Made For Kids

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For better or worse, children growing up enamored with their hand-held devices or game consoles is inevitable. The best thing parents can do is to monitor them as much as we can whilst they are on their screen time. Of course, apart from making sure of their privacy and safety online, and that they are only watching videos and playing games appropriate for their age, it is also a must that we ensure that their gadgets and accessories are safe and are ergonomically designed for their age.

Headphones is one of these accessories video-and-game loving children cannot do without and since they are bound to use them for hours on end whilst listening to music, watching videos, or playing games, it is important that mums invest in a brand that can not only withstand a little one’s hand but are also safe for their use.

Children, mum finds, products for children, children products, gadgets and technology, consumer and technology, Christmas gift ideas, gift ideas for children

JBL® recently unveils their new headphones models specifically designed for the kids and we were lucky to get first dibs on their exciting new products. The launch was held at Kidzania Manila and was hosted by my favorite mum deejay and event host, Delamar Arias, with her adorable son, Cooper, in tow. The little ones got first dibs on these colorful and fun headphone models whilst watching an equally interesting storytelling presentation at the ABS-CBN Theater inside Kidzania Manila.

Children, mum finds, products for children, children products, gadgets and technology, consumer and technology, Christmas gift ideas, gift ideas for children
Lookie, my little blogger gets to bring home his very own JBL® JR headphones! ^_^

The new JBL® JR headphones for children comes in two designs:


  • the flagship headphones retails at Php2,999
  • connects to smart devices through Bluetooth 4.0 technology for a superb hands-free experience for the kids
  • built with kid-friendly buttons for effortless listening and easy controls
  • offers up to 12 hours of playback time and boasts of a quick-charge feature for more flexibility and convenience
  • comes in 3 color combinations ~ Punky Pink, Rocker Blue, and Tropic Teal

JBL® JR300

  • retails at Php1,499
  • comes in 2 colors ~ Spider Red and Ice Blue
  • features a 32-mm driver size and anti-tangle flat cable
  • also comes with a sticker pack so the kids can personalize their headphones
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5 Christmas Gift Ideas To Enhance Your Child’s Creativity

The countdown continues for the merriest season of all and now that we’ve got only 27 days to go before Christmas, I am sure most mums are busy ticking off one item after another from their Christmas list. Of course, a good number of people in our lists are children ~ may they be our very own kids, our inaanaks {godchildren}, or our children’s classmates and friends. Fortunately, we have unlimited choices when it comes to Christmas gifts for children and I have listed a couple of them here, each aiming to increase children’s creativity.

Cross Stitch Kits

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I am sure I will get collective sighs and nods of approval when I say that children have had enough screening time, may that be from the tellie or their handheld gadgets, and that they all could use time away from these devices. Teaching them to cross stitch is an interesting way to introduce children to a new skill, and eventually, a new hobby. Getting them a cross stitch kits australia will help them jump-start this hobby. It promises endless hours of creativity and enjoyment as they create their very own thread masterpieces.

Origami Books

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