continuous learning 01: code is poetry

I’ve recently migrated my son’s blog to WordPress + boy it was such an experience. I actually mustered enough courage to do it on my own until I found out that some of my posts where lost during the migration. I was faced with a wall that I do not know how to get past or work my way around. In the end, I succumbed + ask Mommy Rubz to help me with it! Bless her she’s done a great job at migrating my blog + was very patient with me too while we were on the process of doing it. It actually took her less that an hour to do it! Would you believe that? I spent hours + hours trying to figure out how to do it + she did it very fast + easy! Really cool!

Now, of course, it wouldn’t be appropriate to name this post as such if I was not able learn a thing or two, right? After the successful transfer of my blog over to the other side, I actually tried tweaking the settings a bit + experimented a few times to see what happens (of course, I was careful to back up my blog first before venturing into the dangerous route of css tweaking!). I have managed to put the Facebook Like button, the new +1 button of Google + the nifty Twitter button, too! Well it wasn’t much but for a beginner like me, I felt like I have accomplished much! But of course, you can also just save yourself all the trouble + install a Plugin!

That is exactly what I did with my son’s font, see I have not discovered how to install a font into WordPress yet, but I will try to look it up. I simply love the font we have on Blogger + would love for it to be migrated, too! Glad I stumble upon this Plugin, Google Fonts, you simply download + activate it + choose amongst the many lovely Google fonts to your heart content! Lovely! This is how the WP blog looks like after I activated the plugin:

I liked that it now resembles the old blog a bit, very familiar to the eye 😉  I didn’t think I’d say this but I am really beginning to enjoy code tweaking in WordPress, I only hope I learn a lot more + improve the look of my site in the process. Learning continuous as long as we live, so I guess, I am up for that challenge!

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