musings on play school + the little man

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the little man playing in one of our occasional weekend meet up with friends

Time indeed flies + a few months from now, I shall be busy looking for a possible play school for the little man. Even his pedia agrees that he needed to be surrounded with children his age so he can use up all the unspent energy + stop being so rowdy + boisterous in sight of little children or whenever I tag him along for an errand or an afternoon out.

We did, in fact, visited a pre-school a few minutes from our place + the little man was so delighted with our visit. But I thought he is not yet ready for a 5-day a week classes, especially for a 7am Friday PE class. Come on, he is just a toddler after all + I don’t think such a full week schedule is appropriate for a 2-year-old-and-four-month boy. I am thinking more of an informal class set up where he can get to play with little kids. Something like a 3-day engagement each week perhaps, wit the appropriate occasional doodle/color/writing exercise, maybe.

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