The Mommy Bloggers Philippines Winter Wonderland Christmas Party

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One of the things that I am looking forward to this month is the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Winter Wonderland Christmas Party. Why you’d ask? Well, first off, as a work-at-home-mum, I do not really have an official Christmas Party to look forward to at work each year. Second, I was really looking forward to seeing old mum blogger friends as well as meeting new-found mum blogger friends whom I only get to converse with online through our Facebook group. So I bet you can imagine how excited I was about this event!

Christmas, party, events, blogging, Mommy Bloggers Philippines, mummy events, blogging

Our intimate {yes, because among the many members of our group, only 30 were slated to attend this exclusive event} white-and-blue-themed party was held at the Spaces, located at the second level of Babyland in Mandaluyong City. I was running a bit late that day so a lot of mums have arrived and some were already enjoying the photo booth provided by Yeah, Shoot! Later on I was able to have my photos taken along with some of my MBP friends.

Christmas, party, events, blogging, Mommy Bloggers Philippines, mummy events, blogging

I have got to give it to the organizers, mums Lanie, Louisa, and Joy, the place is simply beautiful and the Christmas tunes playing is just enough to give anyone who listens a good mood. After registration, I looked around for a place to sit, lucky me, my kumare, mum Jem, already saved me a spot beside her on one of the lovely tables.

blogging, events, Mommy Bloggers Philippines, Christmas, party, mummy events

The party commenced with a short introduction from our head mum, Lanie, as she welcomed everyone in our Winter Wonderland Party. It was followed by a short speech from mum Louisa, who is in-charge of the MBP events. Afterwards, every mum was asked to form a group of 15 and did this very interesting activity. We were each handed a set of questions which we are to ask the other mums in our group. It sure was a perfect activity to break the ice, as we are not familiar which each and everyone in the party, and a great way to introduce ourselves to one another. It was a loud and chaotic activity, but something that we all enjoyed the most. [Read more…]

PhilCare Wellness Index: An Eye-Opener On Filipinos’ Sense Of Wellness

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It is good to know that more Filipinos are now prioritizing their health and are continuously making conscious efforts to lead healthier lives. As the old saying goes, health indeed is wealth and it is about time we put a premium on our health and wellness in order to live longer, give optimal performance, and ultimately, savor life as much as we can. Whether you are a busy mum struggling to strike a balance between your corporate duties and family obligations, or a stay-at-home mum always aiming to give the best quality time for your children, or a single  woman on the verge of having that family you are dreaming of, it is a must that we put stock on our well-being in order to be effective members of our family unit, our community, and our society.

The mushrooming of many gyms and health spas, Zumba and yoga classes, and the growing popularity of fun runs and other activities geared towards achieving physical strength, as well as the rising popularity of shops and restaurants that offer juices and other healthier food options are great indications that more Filipinos are starting to shift to a healthier way of living. It is also an indication that many Filipinos generally feel good about their health.

PhilCare Wellness Index in a nutshell

Top HMO provider in the Philippines, PhilCare, commissioned Dr. Fernando Paragas, a Filipino professor at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, to design, manage, and analyze their survey to come up with the PhilCare Wellness Index. It is a groundbreaking study that aims to measure and uncover the Filipinos’knowledge, attitude and practices when it comes to their health and well-being. The wellness index covered different dimensions, including physical, nutritional, lifestyle, medical, psychological, vice and sexual aspects of the Filipino lives. The wellness index indicated that many Filipinos generally feel good about their health, but the bad news is that we Filipinos may not really be as healthy as we think.

The PhilCare Wellness Index, the first health study of its kind in the Philippines, shows that most Filipinos are in denial about their health and that 54% of the people surveyed think that they are in the pink of health. However, when the respondents gave their actual height and weight, it shows that only 45% of them fit the normal category based on the Asian Body Mass Index range. In the same manner, 44% of the respondents believe that they know what comprises a balanced diet, but, in fact, about 27% of them regularly eat fatty food and 21% of them love eating sugary foods and drinks. [Read more…]

How We Spent Our Extended Weekend

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spending quality time with your children, mum's thoughts, simple pleasuresPrior to the warnings about Typhoon Ruby, we are slated to have a long weekend because of the celebration of the feast of the Immaculate Concepcion. An extended weekend is a very welcome change for me as it meant I can sleep in longer and relax for a bit. Due to the inclement weather, we stayed cooped up at home for the most part of our extended weekend, except probably when we managed a short run on Saturday night before it drizzled.

I was too lazy to do anything at home because of the cold weather so I gave up on catching up on my cleaning and just focused on the regular chores that need to be done daily. If I would have my way, I would’ve preferred to have snuggled with a couple of my books and catch up on my very overdue reading but it was good that I managed to get enough rest and I am all good with that. I am also thankful that I managed to get a couple of backlogs done during our vacation. That leaves me with just a handful of tasks to finish and a couple of blog backlogs to tick off my list.

The little man occupied himself with his Lego toys, then his Happy Meal toys when he was finished with the first batch, then moved on to other toys in his stash afterwards. He also watched a number of his favorite Disney films. We also caught a lot of his favorite cartoon shows on the telly and enjoyed goofing around to pass the time. We even managed to snap some photos! ^_^

A good part of our 4-day weekend was spent glued on the telly to monitor the typhoon. It was a relief to know that Typhoon Ruby left the country with only a few damage and even fewer casualties. I guess it worked that everyone prayed for everybody’s safety that what was originally forcasted as a super typhoon lost its intensity as it fell to the Philippine ground several times.

I wonder how you spent your very extended weekend? Well, it is now back to regular programming so expect a number of updates here and on the other blogs, as well. I will also tell you about our MBP Winter Wonderland Christmas Party in another post. Here’s to a lovely Wednesday mums! Smile


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