3 Top Reasons Why Music Is Good For You

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There are few things in the world that can improve someone’s quality of life as easily as good music. Aside from basic human necessities, music is an affordable and simple way to bring beauty into our every day lives. It’s more than a fun diversion. Music can help people heal, help childhood development, and more.

Music Relieves Stress

When people are faced with hard times, their lives tend to lose any glimmer of hope. It doesn’t matter whether their troubles are financial, medical, or dealing with grief. Music has real healing power. From classical melodies to catchy pop tunes, music can take your mind away from your troubles. There’s a reason why hospitals and nursing homes around the country invite volunteer musicians and singers to give concerts to their residents. There’s no cheaper way to inspire hope to the distraught. It reminds them that, in spite of their suffering, there are still things beautiful and worth living for.

Music Inspires Children

music, health and wellness, tips and tricks

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Studies have shown time and again the playing and listening to music helps growing children. Young musicians have benefited from better languages skills and higher test scores. On top of that, exposing your child to music doubles as valuable cultural education, deepening their appreciation for the arts.

Music Unites People

music, health and wellness, tips and tricks

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When a community begins to lose the threads that bind people, music can help restore them. There’s nothing more likely to gather people together than concert in a public park or a downtown block. In 2011, Sing For Hope sponsored Pop Up Pianos in New York, where they placed pianos all over the City for the public to play. It was a great success that fostered the arts community. If you feel like your town needs morale booster, promoting one of these may be what you need.

If you’re looking for a way to give back to the community, then musical events are a wonderful option. Every city has local nonprofit groups that can benefit from time, donations, and musical talent to bring meaningful change to people’s lives. By getting your own children involved in lessons or attending events, then you are helping to bring culture and intelligence to a new generation. From expensive concerts to simple songs, music’s power can be used everywhere.

Mum’s two cents

Music has always been my go-to for whatever season I am at in life ~ it helped me deal with my loss when my parents passed on and also helps to keep their memories alive, it helps make the complexities of life a bit simpler and tolerable, and relaxes me whenever things seem too overwhelming. Music is one of the many things my dear father ingrained in us and I would love to pass it on to my little man.

A Gustatory Adventure At The #McCormickFlavorNation Festival

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McCormick, a distinguished brand of spices and sauces the world over, presents a whole new tasty way to enjoy another Filipino staple, the noodles, with the introduction of the McCormick Noodle and Seasoning Mix. This latest addition to its delicious line of recipe mixes targets the well-traveled and globally-knowledgeable Filipinos who are familiar and enamored with a variety of Asian noodles. The 5 new mixes also aims to do away with the long hours of dishes preparation so families can enjoy restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of their own home sans the inconvenience and the hassle.

weekends, announcement, events, food, mum finds, kitchen and cooking

Preparing oodles of noodles at the Laksa booth

weekends, announcement, events, food, mum finds, kitchen and cooking

I love the mouth-watering goodness of the spicy and creamy laksa! yum!

To give the public a delicious preview of the McCormick Noodle and Seasoning Mixes, an event dubbed the Flavor Nation Festival was held at the Bonifacio High Street Central Amphitheater this Saturday. Open to the public for free, 5 delectable noodle bars were set up so the crowd can enjoy the 5 new recipe mixes ~ Birthday Noodles, Pad Thai, Laksa, Chap Chae, and Palabok {yes, it is a delight to know they included a local favorite!}. I really love the flavors of Palabok, but it was the Chap Chae variant that I was most curious about, and unsurprisingly, it became my favorite among the 5! [Read more…]

5 Family Camping Traditions That Will Last for Generations

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The look on your kids’ faces when they catch their first fish or bite into the first gooey S’more of the season is priceless. Taking your little pioneers on an annual camping adventure not only fosters the love of nature, but it creates memories that last a lifetime.

Camping as a family instills valuable life lessons of awareness, independence, safety and cooperation. It’s also a lot of fun and something everyone can look forward to every year. You don’t need much to get out and experience the outdoors. And the campsite is the perfect place to start family traditions. Here are some fun ideas to incorporate into your annual family camping trip.

Set Up

Allow the kids to help design the layout of the campsite upon arrival. Consult with them where they think the tents should go as well as the makeshift kitchen. There will most likely already be a fire pit, so involve everyone in gathering firewood and kindling. Designate an area for recreational supplies and separate areas for enclosed trash cans.

To keep up with traditions, you might reserve a specific week/weekend for the annual event. Kids will better understand how the tradition works if the dates are the same.


Camp cooking can be as simple as hot dogs or it can be a truly gourmet experience. You and your family should have planned out your meals ahead of time so you have the right supplies. Now, it’s simply a matter of execution. Give everyone their duties and be sure to involve every member of the family. Cooking together will instill guidance and cooperation in the kids, and will help them appreciate mealtime at the campsite.

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