Thankful Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!

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It is Thanksgiving week and I send shout outs to our friends living in the US and in Canada, may you have more reasons to be thankful for today. Even when we do not celebrate this lovely holiday locally, there is no reason to stop being thankful and offering simple but meaningful thanksgiving to everything and everyone who makes our life easier, wonderful, and more meaningful.

mum's thoughts, gratitude, Thankful Thursday, quotable quotes, inspiring words to live by

my lovely new notebook from Kidzania. the screw driver pen is equally cute and it reminds me so much of “The Mechanic” Wink

And since it is Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fitting to list down a bunch of my thankfuls, especially that I missed out on my #ThankfulThursday post last week as I was busy attending a nice event, which I shall tell you all about in another post. Meanwhile, here are my thankfuls for this week {and last week, too!}: [Read more…]

Announcing The 36 Days of Buqo Christmas!

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The weather is turning colder as the Christmas season approaches and Buqo, the Pinoy Digital Bookstore, leads the merry tradition of gift giving with their 36 Days Of Christmas promo. For the next 36 days wake up to new gifts on your smartphones and gadgets. Read more to learn about this exciting promo and for the very first free update of the day! Grin

The Thrill of Giving

‘Tis the season of giving and, yet again, the Christmas spirit brings out the generous side in most (if not all)of us. What you would love to know is that we here at buqo have also contracted the generosity bug that’s been going around!So to mark our very first Christmas, we have prepared a little something (quite awesome, actually)just for you! [Read more…]

Cook Faster + Healthier With Midea’s Microwave Ovens

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FP-61MMV030LETH-T 30L Digital Microwave Oven

Innovative kitchen appliances are essential in anyone’s home, especially for busy mums who have to joggle their time with their jobs, their chores and their family. They sure make life easier and make mums more productive at home. This Christmas, I am sure that a lot of mums would include one or two of these appliances in their list  of gifts to receive. If you are planning to get one for your mum or your wife, read on to know more about the healthier microwave ovens from Midea that will make you think twice about microwave ovens.

Homemakers and food lovers everywhere have two important things that they always keep in mind:  how to prepare a table of delicious goodies for their guests in the quickest way possible, and at the same time maintaining that great taste.  Given the growing health consciousness among even the most ardent culinary enthusiasts, the nutritional value of the dishes served is also a factor that is taken into account.

The answer lies with Midea’s new Microwave ovens because they possess three aspects helpful to both cooks and consumers and which, when seen collectively together,  may be difficult to find in other brands.  The first, naturally is speed.  A basic meal can be prepared for immediate dining in just 90 seconds or less than two minutes.   For tired professionals coming home after a long day’s work or weekend hosts who will be entertaining their buddies, the Midea ovens can heat ready-to-eat dishes or warm bowls of soup or sliced meat.

Midea’s new microwave ovens likewise preserve the nutrients in certain food or dishes that are easily prepared.  They remove the need for frying, which in turn removes about 10 percent less fat on the meat such as pork, kaldereta or chicken that is being heated.  The meat comes out leaner, richer, and less conducive to the cholesterol build-up can lead to heart-related illnesses.

“Midea has always manufactured our appliances, including our ovens, with the good of the consumer in mind,” says Mr. Phillip F. Trapaga, General Manager.  “We take into account both the one preparing the food as well as the one who will eat them.  The efficient and speedy way of cooking is, of course, the main objective.  This becomes even more important during the busier occasions when people are juggling food preparation, shopping, errands, with all the other everyday tasks that they have to do.  Midea’s microwave ovens make it quicker and easier for them to heat meat for dinner at home or lunch in the office.  They also reduce the number of hours needed to prepare dishes for parties and events, or when guests just drop by unexpectedly.”

The advantages offered by the Midea microwave ovens put to rest the usual but shaky myths that cooking food with microwave ovens can be risky to both cook and consumer.  The Midea microwave owner who has experienced first-hand the health and hygiene advantages of the appliance is well aware that no such  illnesses arise from  supposed food exposure to radiation or  unnecessary chemicals.

Midea’s microwave oven goes a step further by showing consumers everywhere that this particular appliance is an invaluable support in the kitchen:  it helps to prolong the duration of a particular food while ensuring that it be heated or cooked efficiently and cleanly.  At the same time, it preserves the nutrients and other elements that keep the consumer and food lover healthy.

Midea’s microwave ovens come in three models:  the 20L Mechanical Model, P2,995; the 20L Digital Microwave Oven, P3,695; and the 30L Digital Microwave Oven,  P5,995. Midea microwave ovens are now available in leading appliance centers like Abenson, Western Appliances in Metro Manila and other appliance centers in Visayas and Mindanao.          


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