Thoughtful Home Decor Creates An Inviting Ambiance

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A home becomes a comfortable refuge and a showcase to proudly use for entertaining when care is put into thoughtful decorating. Comfort inspired elements like decorative pillows and blanket style throws, welcome mats and throw rugs, and decorative lamps make the atmosphere more enticing. Specialized accessories to decorate the fireplace hearth and statement tabletop decor can make any home into a beautiful and comfortable gathering place.

Pretty candles and decorative candle holders add to the mood and create a special ambiance ranging from romantic to warm and inviting. Thoughtfully placed fireplace accessories like decorative metallic or brass screens and antique inspired tools also help pull the entire look together.

Artificial Flower Arrangements Make A Classic And Colorful Statement

home, tips and tricks, home furnishings, homemaking

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Artfully chosen artificial flower arrangements can enhance the decor of any room and can add color and texture to the most unexpected places. Try experimenting with flowers ranging from bold orchids and peonies to hydrangeas and delphiniums. Magnolias always create a classically elegant setting. For a more refined and aesthetically pleasing look, roses and lilies can add a beautiful touch. [Read more…]

Have Some Adventures in the Kitchen

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You’re tired of the same old, same old every day. You feel like your menu never changes and your family is getting bored too. It’s time to shake things up a bit and explore your options. Think about changes you can make in what you prepare day after day. Your family can be your guinea pigs as you try new things and find new favorites. Don’t let meal times become a chore because everything has grown stale. You can add some pizazz to your recipes if you can dare to be different.

Make it a Team Effort

Get everyone involved in your eating adventure. You don’t have to be the only cook. Your spouse can cook with you one night and your kids can join in on another. If you have enough space, everyone can be a part of the prep team. You’ll feel a new energy and create a great time for bonding as you work together. Before you start cooking, sit down and make a list of foods that everyone is interested in trying. At the same time, cross off anything that you eat all the time. Change is in the air. Embrace it.

tips + tricks, home, family, activities with the family

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Push Your Limits [Read more…]

The Woes Of Taking Public Transport

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I used to take public transportation on a daily basis while working in the city more than 5 years ago. Commuting back then seems to be a walk in the park compared to what the commuters have to endure nowadays. I get to take public transport from time to time these days and mostly I have to endure horrendous traffic and long queues. I bet my stress level will hike up if I were to do it on a regular basis.

Unnecessary delays in train schedules, seemingly endless lines, and worse road condition, not to mention those unannounced public protest in the busiest road on a Friday, all make a commuter’s life a lot harder than it already is, and my heart goes out to the working mums who would miss the family dinner, or helping the children with their homework, or tucking the little ones to bed just because they cannot come home earlier. Now more than ever, I am thankful that I can earn my keep in the comforts of my home without having to worry about the adverse traffic condition or untimely road repairs.

Of course, these problems are not the only thing public commuters has to worry about. While agonizing about the thought of not making it to work, or class, or appointment on time, a person who takes public transportation also has to worry about his safety and security while traveling. The road is a dangerous place for travelers and accidents are waiting at every turn ~ it can be in a form of a derailed train, or one of those deadliest cars speeding by and hitting your UV van, or it can also be a pickpocket just waiting for a fellow passenger to let down his guard to attack and take whatever he can get his hands to.

With all the trouble a public commuter had to go to on a daily basis, I guess we can never really blame them for turning to social media to air their grievances about the public commuting system or lack thereof. I just hope the government has something up their sleeves to make public commuting in the country a lot less stressful and dangerous.

Have you tried public transportation recently, how was it?

Have You Prepared For Your Funeral?

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Not to sound morbid or something, but I thought responsible parents ought to think ahead and prepare not only for their retirement, but also for their funeral. Commonly, most parents spread themselves too thin providing for their children, sending them to school, and making sure they have a brighter future. Yes, I hear you say “well done!” but these same parents who toiled and worked hard to provide for their children may have neglected planning for their own future, and have also failed to prepare and save for their retirement, more so for their funeral.

I agree that it might be difficult foreseeing your own funeral when you are as strong as a bull now and is in the pink of health, but there is no way we can tell when this will all be over and our borrowed time here on earth will be taken away from us. True, we can strive to live longer lives by eating healthy and maintaining a well-balanced life, but we can really only do so much. And it will utterly be heartbreaking to see our beloved children mourn our loss and worry about the financial burden we have left them with at the same time. I know I won’t let my little man suffer like that in the future. As much as possible, I would like for him to not worry about me in my old age and focus on his own life and his own family. One of my life goals is to fend for myself when I am older and not depend on my children for my needs. Somewhere in between, I would like to save up for my own retirement, and yes, my own funeral.

So how can you plan for your own funeral, then? Getting a simple funeral plan from your trusted insurance service is a good way to start. Different insurance companies provide various types of coverage depending on your preferences and your budget. Some might even ask you to enlist which funeral parlor you would want to provide for your services, and you can easily choose from a ready-made list they have available. You can opt for one of those funeral services in Sydney or any other services you might deem most capable. It is also up to you if you want to choose the most affordable plan or the most expensive ones, depending on how much you are willing to shell out for your own funeral. What’s better about these funeral plans is that you can easily set aside a small portion of your earning now to start paying for it, and before you know it, and luckily before you retire, you might have completed your plan and will be readily available by the time you might need it.

Have you secured a funeral plan yet? What inspired you to do so?

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