The Castle Blues Quake Virtual Book Tour

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I am very excited to be part of Linda Covella’s The Castle Blues Quake Virtual Book Tour {and if you will read all the way through the end, you will find a giveaway surprise waiting just for you Smile}. This tour is happening from the 14th to the 24th of October. A number of bloggers are participating in this, too, so make sure to visit their respective blogs {I have a linky towards the end of the post for your convenience}. This sure looks like an exciting and interesting read, and very timely, too, as Halloween is just right around the corner. Before moving on, do read this lovely message Linda made for all you Mumwrites readers:

Creativity from Outside the Box

First, I want to thank Mumwrites for having me on this blog and for being a part of my Castle Blues Quake blog tour. And thank you to the readers for stopping by!

On this tour, I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity.

To really be creative, to really produce something that’s uniquely “you,” you must think outside the box. There are several things you can do to help yourself think beyond what’s typical:

  • Don’t make assumptions. Don’t take something for granted. Rather, question what is commonly known about whatever it is you’re working on.
  • Look at it from a different angle. This can be figuratively or literally. If you’re working on a physical project—a sculpture or an invention, for instance—walk around it, turn it over, add or remove something. In writing, experiment with different voices. Rewrite a scene from another character’s POV. If you’ve created an outline for your story, try deviating from what you’ve planned, whether with a character’s reaction or with the plot.
  • Step away from your project. Take a walk or eventake a few days off. Observe things around you, but let yourself and your mind relax. It’s amazing how new ideas can come to you when you aren’t immersed in the details of your work.
  • Make sure to break up your routine on a daily basis. When you’re in a rut, your mind gets into one as well.
  • Talk with others about your project, even those who may not be in the same field. Voicing your ideas helps free up your mind, and ideas or questions from your listeners can trigger new ideas.
  • Take a good look at your inner self. What beliefs, inhibitions, tensions are keeping you from exploring new ideas? Talk to others or read about ideas that are contrary to your own.

Finally, and I believe this may be the most important:

  • Keep an open mind. Be willing to change.

Is it difficult for you to “think outside the box”? Do you have any techniques that work for you?

The Castle Blues Quake in a nutshell


giveaways, announcement, giveaway alert, books, books for children

Children’s, Young Adult – Sci Fi / Fantasy
Tour Dates: October 14 – October 24, 2014
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Start Your Own Business Now With PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya

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the PLDT KaAsenso booth at MOA Arena GabayGuro grand gathering held on 05 October, 2014

I have told you all about the grandest gathering hosted by PLDT GabayGuro as a tribute to our beloved teachers for National Teacher’s Month that took place at the SM Mall of Asia Arena last 05 October, 2014. More than 20,000 people partake in the grand celebration where a fine roster of artists performed for the hardworking educators of our country. Lots of exciting prizes were also raffled off to lucky attendees, including a brand new car, a house and lot, as well as an assortment of gadgets and other items. As I have mentioned, one of the most interesting prizes raffled off that time was the 10 units of PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya Internet Café setups given to 10 different public schools as a source of livelihood. PLDT KaAsenso provided not only a complete package of Cyberya Internet Café, but also a reliable broadband connection.

putting up your own small business, money talks, announcement, products, money matters

PLDT Home group head, Ariel Fermin, and Department of Education Assistant Secretary, Toni Umali presenting PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya at the Grand Gathering event

I mentioned that I have roughly heard about this recent innovation by PLDT KaAsenso so I did my homework and read all about this interesting business opportunity. Read on to know more about it and who knows at the end of the post, you might be interested to set-up your own business though the Cyberya Internet Café setups.

PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya Internet Café in a nutshell

putting up your own small business, money talks, announcement, products, money matters

PLDT Home group head, Ariel Fermin, and PLDT KaAsenso Product Manager Jon de Quiroz, show the Cyberya unit to the Dep-ED Assistant Secretary, Toni Umali

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Thankful Thursday: Productivity + Yoga

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It is time again for another #ThankfulThurday post and today I am thankful for being productive, and yes, for yoga. More about the yoga part later on in the post and let me talk about the productivity bit. I guess you cannot help but feel very productive if you have accomplished a number of tasks and chores you have set out for you in the week, and that is exactly how I am feeling of late. So I am done with a part of my laundry and cleaning the rooms, a few more spins in the washer and a couple of cleaning here and there and I am all done with this week’s laundry and chores. Which is just about fine by me as I will be left with ample time over the weekend to make reviewers for the little school boy for his incoming 2nd quarter examinations. I have also found the perfect Halloween costume for the little man in time for his Halloween Party!

Blogging is also thriving this week as I have numerous projects currently on the brew. Posts about Unilab, PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya, Proactiv, and the exciting new Robinsons Malls App are also slated to be published within a week or two. I have also been to Blogapalooza over the weekend and will tell you all about the numerous things I’ve seen there in a separate blogpost. Not to mention there are also a couple of book and product reviews coming up and I do hope you watch out for them.

I am also preoccupied with some work-at-home tasks in between, and yesterday, just right before I prepared for another blogging event, I finished a 900-or-so-word article, allowing me to tick off another item on my to-do list. Nothing gives me more joy than to be around my little man 24/7 while he is young, and the opportunity to earn a living while being a full-time stay-at-home mum is really a blessing. My son will be little for only a short time and the chance to look after him myself and being given the chance to augment the family income while doing so is more than enough reason to feel blessed.

And, yes, sorry it took a while but here I go with the yoga bit. I was supposed to visit my local yoga center for a class last week but something came up so I had it re-scheduled for this week. It has been a very long, looong while since I was there last and I am only delighted to be back and to hit my mat again. Yoga is my bliss and my sanctuary, it is also my instant pick-me-upper and visiting one of my favorite places, working on my asanas is a very welcome change in my everyday mundanity. Yes, I was sore and aching here and there after my session, but I was also most relaxed and very peaceful. I agreed to be back next week and I am just glad to be back on my mat again and continue on with my practice.

Now it is your turn to share your Thankful Thursday list, I would love to read all about it! Smile

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