Do Not Forget To Switch Off Your Lights For Earth Hour 2015

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mum going green, tips + tricks, announcement, mum for a cause, earth hour

Do not forget to join people from all around the world in switching off their lights for Earth Hour. This is happening tonight at 8.30pm. You still have a few more hours left to sign-up with Earth Hour Philippines, too, and get your very own Earth Hour 2015 Kit.

This is a great activity to do with our little ones to teach them to love and care for Mother Earth. There are also a number of Earth Hour related activities and events in our local malls and communities to join in, if you are so inclined. You can also join the big celebration happening at the Quezon City Memorial Circle if you happen to live nearby.

Everyone is also encouraged to go “Beyond the Hour” and make each hour count in helping save our precious planet. It is, after all, the only one we’ve got and it will always be a wise move to raise our little ones to be nature-loving and future Earth Warriors.

Here are a few nifty tips from the Earth Hour 2015 Kit that you can practice at home with the kiddos:

mum going green, tips + tricks, announcement, mum for a cause, earth hour

I am sure you can add a number of other tips on this list, which you can practice at home with the kiddos. Here are a few of mine:

  • Using both sides of paper before sending them to the local junk yard
  • Using a pail and a dipper to help use water more efficiently
  • Spend less time with technology and enjoy more time outdoors {which we are planning to do this summer!}

We might be skipping the local mall’s Earth Hour activity this year and will opt to spend time outdoors as we switch the lights for an hour, how about you?

Thankful Thursday: Meeting Up With A Dear Friend

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A dear friend of mine is here for a very short vacation and I am really thankful that she made time from her busy crazy schedule to meet me and her god son. It has been about 2 years since we last saw her and I really missed her company, and even when we do get to chat from time to time, I guess nothing can really replace being with someone face-to-face to update each other about the latest in our lives.

We met with her and her daughter at SM North yesterday and we really had such a wonderful time. Apart from the endless tales and stories, I also enjoyed our impromptu food trip of local delicacies that include the famous Razon’s halo-halo and a cup of binatog topped with butter, cheese, and a drizzle of milk. Just yum!  Plate

mum's thoughts, gratitude, meeting up with mum friends, Thankful Thursday, friends

I am thankful…for friends that turned into family. 

I had such a wonderful time and I am really thankful to see my dear friend again after quite a long time. I am touched that she spent an afternoon with me and the little man and I do hope to see her again very soon! And thank you for the pasalubong, too, mummy Mars! Smile

Here are a bunch of my other gratefuls for this past 2 weeks:

  • the little one finishing one whole year in school
  • the little one’s awards during his culminating activity {which I shall share in a separate post}
  • summer vacation
  • catching up with mum blogger friends at recent events
  • new books to read and review
  • spending precious time with the loves of my life  Heart
  • the sunshine and the good weather  Sun
  • Oprah and Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience
  • my new Gotochi card from Japan  Mail
  • more surprises in the mail!  Mail
  • free movies from G2G!
  • having someone to care for me, especially when I not feeling all too well  Heart
  • knowing that I am loved
  • phone calls and SMS throughout the day which I can never live without   Heart
  • for life-long friends
  • renewing a domain {which I do hope I can update very very soon}

images are taken by mummy Mars and were used with here permission

Sponsored Video: Knorr’s Flavor Of Home

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There is nothing like home-cooked meals to cap a tiring or a particularly stressful day. Apart from being prepared and cooked with love, these hearty, all-too familiar meals are tangible expressions of our mums’ love and affection, as well as of their promise to always nurture their children and their family.

My Mama has been gone for 8 years now but each time I taste a dish that tasted so much like her meals, it immediately brings me back to my childhood when my Mama would prepare all those delicious dishes for me and my siblings, it instantly brings me back to the time when I am eating the same dish in our dining table, bringing back all my fond memories of childhood, along with the warmth of my Mama’s love. The all-too familiar taste reminds me so much of the flavor of home.

My Mama is an excellent cook, try as I may, I will probably never be at par with the magic she can whip in the kitchen. But it is a good thing that through products like Knorr, I am never closer to achieving these familiar flavors of home in my own kitchen and serve these meals to my family.

This is what the recently-launched Knorr Video is all about. Aptly called “Flavor of Home,” the video depicts the story of Carmen who works far away in the Arctic and is brought back home at once through the familiar dishes prepared with Knorr that brings the delicious flavor of home and her mum’s cooking to her.

The emotional and heart-warming video portrays the latest research commissioned by Knorr stating that flavors make people feel happy and comforted. The same research also shows that no matter how much time has passed, people still find their mum’s cooking to be one of the greatest flavors on earth and that a great number of people agrees that a single taste of their mum’s cooking is enough to bring happy and fond memories of childhood, and I really cannot agree more.

Watch the video and let me know which dishes remind you so much of your childhood and the flavor of home. As for me, my mum’s spaghetti, kare-kare {stewed oxtail}, and dinuguan {pork blood stew} are just a few of my favorites.

Knorr in a nutshell

Knorr is one of the largest food brands in the world and their great-tasting products, including the iconic bouillon cubes and soups are sold in more than 87 countries. They have over 300 dedicated chefs who are true culinary experts representing more than 48 nationalities, making the company one of the biggest employers of professional chefs worldwide. Knorr is also committed to a sustainable future, responsibly sourcing agricultural ingredients and building sustainable practices.

This post has been sponsored by Knorr, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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