Christmas Shopping Made Easier With Lamido

I must admit, I am not too keen on braving the malls and doing shopping, especially now that the holiday season is upon us again. Sure I love the sight of people milling about and I also appreciate the Christmas rush up to a certain extent, but it does not look too promising when you have an energetic boy in tow, who would run off to heaven-knows-where the next chance he got. That is why I really opt to shop online whenever I can. It is convenient, such a time-saver, plus it saves me from all the trouble I had to endure with a single trip to the mall, including crowded shops and restaurants, and unnecessary or unplanned spending.

Now shopping for every item on your Christmas list is made easier, thanks to Lamido buy and sell, the country’s fastest growing market place  where online shoppers can buy and sell different items. They have a wide variety of products and categories you can browse and choose from, including products and toys for kids and babies, fashion, electronics, health and beauty, sports and outdoors, kitchen and dining, storage and organization, and a whole lot more. It collates everything a shopper might need all in one place!

Why You’d Love Lamido?

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Here are a few things you will get to love about this buy and sell site:

  • the huge selection of items and products to choose from
  • the convenience to pay for the items you purchase online
  • the cash-on-delivery mode of payment
  • the fact that it is owned by Rocket Internet, the same company behind innovative and trusted sites like Lazada, PricePanda, and Carmudi
  • the numerous trusted merchants with amazing deals
  • the free registration to the site
  • if you are planning to earn extra this Christmas season, registering as a seller to sell interesting items is easy-peasy
  • the free nationwide shipping!

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Fun + Educational Apps For Kids From Kids Academy

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The little man is currently on school break for a week and I would really love for him to do more activities aside from playing his games and watching youtube videos on his tablet. Am being more lenient and allowing him more hours on his tablet than his usual 2-hours-a-day-on-a-weekend when school is up. Good thing I found a number of apps online that would not only keep the little one entertained for hours on end but will also teach him about letters, numbers, children songs and a whole lot more. Good thing I stumbled upon Kids Academy earlier this year and have downloaded 3 of their apps.

online resources for mums, tot schooling, educational activities for children, educational apps for children, apps

What I love about the Kids Academy App?

  • I love the eye-candy design that appeals to most tots
  • Their apps are ideal for children ages 5 years and below
  • They have loads of fun activities and games for the little ones to enjoy
  • They are for free!
  • They also have about 100 of interactive worksheets the children can finish to pass the time while learning and enjoying
  • With the aid of these apps, mums can easily introduce the concept of numbers, letters, colors, and a whole lot more to pre-schoolers or first-time schoolers
  • Mums can also easily introduce the rudiments of reading and learning about phonics with these apps
  • Now mums have another safe environment on the tablet for the children to spend their time

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Embrace Your Family, Embrace Their Future ~ Richard Yap

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Insurance, may that be for home, car, life or health, is something that every mum or parent should consider getting soon. It would allow them to feel more secure, especially about their future and their children’s future, whatever may come. I now I would get an insurance plan if I can afford and I will make sure to do that as soon as my finances will allow me. I am not getting any younger, after all.
Here is a press release from our friends from Manulife about how celebrity, Richard Yap, aims to attain his financial goal and prepare for his and his family’s future:

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