merry christmas to all!

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merry christmas!, greetings

I will not be able to go online later tonight as we agreed to have our Noche Buena at home. I will probably be back tomorrow night. So allow me to greet you all a very meaningful Christmas + may you spend it with your family + your loved ones! I wish you loads of Christmas presents {I wonder if I will be having some :(}, but more importantly, I wish you happiness + peace of mind, + probably a bit of a downtime from your busy mum schedule so you can kick those shoes + relax for a while + catch up on your reading or other worthwhile personal activities. As for me, I wish I can have that foot spa + pedicure I have been dreaming about. It has been sometime + my feet are in dire need of pampering ­čÖé

I wish you peace + feast on your table + hopefully may you find it in your heart to share your Christmas blessings with the less fortunate victims of Typhoon Washi {Sendong}.

Merry Christmas to all! ­čÖé

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