cold, rainy days are here

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The rain continues to beat down on most people’s roof in my corner of the world ass the low pressure area intensified into Tropical Storm Ferdie today. Cold + rainy days are really here, finally! Not that I am that much excited. If truth be told, it was this season that I totally dread the most. The gloomy, cold weather that makes everyone wants to crawl back to bed to sleep in some more, + just makes me just a tad lazy. I just wish chores won’t pile up + my son won’t complain of dirty clothes once the lazy spell comes! I just cannot stop doing these work, even when I fee too lazy to get up on my feet, can I? Not to mention, the rainy days also whet my appetite for some reasons + I tend to crave for food more often during cold days. + do you ever get me started with all the hassle of travelling on a rainy day or I’d be on a row! I totally abhor it + would rather stay cooped up at home that get drenched in the rain when I least expect it! Maybe BlueAir Heating and Air Conditioning Austin companies have an entirely different opinion, maybe their businesses are in boom during these months when people can go easy on their a/c use + have their unit finally brought to them for repair. Maybe Round Rock air conditioning repair is having their busiest month ever!

Oh well, I guess ranting about the rain does not do me any good, the rain just keeps pouring even harder while I am writing this. Sigh. Maybe I should change tactics + see if it works. Maybe I should talk about the good things that rainy season brings, that way the storm will be delighted + will hopefully leave us alone! This can be quite diffucult, as apart from keeping irrigation systems full to the brim, I really cannot think of anything else. Oh, here’s one: you can cut down on your electric bills since you can finally turn off your air-condition unit. + maybe you can use your time cooped up at home due to suspended classes or absence from work due to flood + inclement weather, by catching up on reading that paperback you’ve had dog-eared on page 33 for months now, or maybe you can spend some quality time with your kiddos watching their favorite cartoons on the telly! 😉

Whichever team your rooting for, just make sure to keep dry + be safe, right? We can probably enjoy these rainy days, after all, with a mug of hot coffee or a bowl of champorado or lugaw! 😉

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