Those Sofa Beds + The Proverbial Afternoon Naps

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I do not know about you but I find myself rather sleepy than usual these days. Blame it on my uncharacteristically sour mood or the very hot humid weather, probably, but I just find myself dosing off as soon as 3pm starts, or as soon as my little man dosed off. I know that it was genetically ingrained that we fall asleep at 3pm, it is in our nature, but I have tried to skive off those naps all my life and I have actually been quite successful until lately. I guess I am just not getting enough amount of sleep at night that is why by the time half of the day is gone, my body is clamoring for rest and sleep. Or maybe it is just one of my body’s way of coping with these unbelievably hot summer days! The heat is almost making me numb that all I really wanted to do is relax and lie around all day long!

In fact, apart from the refrigerator and the electric fans {not to mention the telly!}, the sofa bed will have to be the most abused part of our home. Jared and I will spend most of our days and nights slouched in it. And sometimes, the little man would like it all to himself, especially when he is sleepy and watching his favorite cartoons. He was, after all, growing taller by the day and when he lie down and stretched his body on the couch, there is hardly enough vacant space for me to occupy!

If I can afford it, I would definitely get one from those elegant variety of sofa beds from Tesco. That one on the photo is just the most ideal for our little living room and it looks very much like the one we have now, except for the color and the material.  I can probably place it beside our old set so that the little man and I can have separate places to lounge about. I am not sure if I can convert our sofa bed the same as that on the second photo but I really think it is quite a fabulous idea. We can transform them when it gets dark and we can have a little slumber party in the living room. I bet the little man will enjoy it, especially if we will invite his favorite turtle night lamp and all his other toys to the party! 🙂

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  1. The sofa beds looks really comfy and I bet we can’t resist it alluring style and we need to lay in there too.

  2. I don’t know that sofa bed is the most abused furniture in the house as what you mentioned. I think everyone in the house should be given instruction on how to use sofa bed properly.

  3. Oh my! Loving the look of the sofa bed. 🙂 It would definitely be well-used in your family, for sure. 🙂 I’m actually yearning for something as chic as that to place inside my room.

  4. 3 pm nap time is genetically ingrained? Una and I must have lost that gene somewhere! I think a sofa is every *ehem*lazy*ehem* person’s favorite furniture. It’s comfortable and is usually in the middle of everything. I also spent most of my college breaks lying around in the said sofa.

  5. Sofa bed is a durable and comfortable use anytime. You can use it for relaxing, a quick nap or sitting back to watch a movie and for sleeping.

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