{Where-To-Weekend} Teacher Yaya: A Workshop

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Being a nanny sure is one great responsibility, they are, after all, mum’s partner in raising her little ones. Nannies, even when they are under your employ, are more like a vital part of your family, helping take care and raise your children. I was not able to have first hand experience with a nanny as I was lucky enough to have my sister around to help take care of the little man when I went back to work briefly right after he was born, but I think finding the best nanny and having one that shares the same passion and sentiments with regards to your children is a blessing .

Needless to say, much like parents, nannies also need all the help and support they can get. And it will surely be a worthwhile investment for mums to send their nannies to workshops and training to be able to improve themselves and the kind of work and services they render.

That is why for mums with nannies, I recommend you check the Teacher Yaya: A Workshop facilitated by The Learning Basket. Happening on 15 February, 2014 at the Medela House, Quezon City between 9-11.30am, this workshop for our favorite  household help will tackle topics such as:
  • yaya’s special role in a child’s life
  • How to understand a child’s actions and not think that he is “naughty”
  • How to respond to one’s alaga
  • Why TV and tablets are not good for kids below three years old
  • Why and how to play with one’s alaga, depending on age
Each slot is available for Ph500 inclusive of snacks, handouts and certificates. Limited slots are available, so if you are interested, do sign up your yaya now.
To register, and to know more about this workshop, kindly visit The Learning Basket Website.

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