Turning Japanese At The Nissin Souper Meal Food Trip Event

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A portion of Robinsons Place Ermita was turned into a beautiful Japanese-themed food alley inspired by famous Japanese icons ~ the cherry blossom, the lantern festival, the Zen garden, and the torii. If I had not known better, I’d think I have actually disappeared and apparated in an alley somewhere in Japan.

food, events, announcement

The gastronomic event featured four food stalls representing the different yummy flavors of Nissin Souper Meal:

  • Seafood ~ for those who love the rich seafood flavors
  • Beef Brisket ~ for those who crave for delectable oriental treat of Chinese-inspired beef broth
  • Hot & Spicy ~ for those who are fond of spicy flavor
  • Garlic Pork Tonkotsu ~ is the newest Nissin Souper Meal bowl flavor that boasts of a mouth-watering pork and garlic flavor
food, events, announcement
Can you guess how many Nissin Souper Meal bowls there are in this ginormous bowl?

The highlight of the occasion was the humongous bowl installation containing a number of bowls of the different Nissin Souper Meal variants. Those who attended were given a chance to guess the total number of Nissin Souper Meal bowls inside for a chance to win awesome prizes! I cannot tell for sure how many bowl there are, but I am there are a lot!

food, events, announcement

Of course, the food trip event will never be complete without treating each participant to the warm, delicious taste of the Nissin Souper Meal bowls. After a taste test, I must say that i truly enjoy the all-new Garlic Pork Tonkotsu flavor. It is now my second favorite among the Nission Souper Meal bowls, and the Seafood variant will always be my first! I was also able to bring home a few of these bowl treats and my little noodle boy enjoyed them, too! Who would not love them with the rich noodle flavor and the big serving, after all! And did I tell you that each big bowl is available in the leading supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide for only Php29?

Made by Nissin, the leading instant cup noodle brand in the country, Nissin Souper Meal bowls also provides convenience as they are very easy to prepare and serve to the family. All you need is to add hot water and you are good to go!

If you would like to try this gastronomic experience, do join the next Nissin Souper Meal Food Trip events scheduled at the following:

  • Trinoma Mall ~ 16-17 January, 2016
  • Glorietta Mall ~ 30-13 January, 2016

Hoping to see you at the next Nissin Souper Meal Food Trip!¬† ūüėĬ† :bowl:

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