Home + Garden: Why a Waterproofed Basement is Healthier

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Nobody wants to find out that they have a wet basement, especially if that’s where the kids play. Runoff, flooding from heavy rainfall, or even condensation are all likely culprits. Even though you might have concerns about your family’s health, there are several possible solutions. The sooner you learn that you have a wet basement, the sooner you can do something about it.

Finding the Perfect Solution

Safeguarding your basement area is important, especially if it serves as a play or entertainment area. There are several basement waterproofing options that you can take advantage of to help protect the integrity of the basement and avoid the troubles of water damage. One of the things that you will need to consider is whether professional assistance is necessary, especially when dealing with complicated issues or conditions. 

How a Professional Can Help

When you’re tackling a challenge that involves a wet basement or a mildew smell, you’ll want to make sure you contact someone who knows how to solve the problem on the first try. Attempting to solve the problem yourself can result in solutions that only last for a short time. An expert, such as Protegrity Restoration, who works in home improvement, remodeling, and water damage restoration can help save you a lot of difficulty.

Photo by Jérémie Crausaz on Unsplash

Offering Better Protection

A good remodeling professional can take steps to provide better protection for your basement if it hasn’t flooded yet. One of the steps can include waterproofing the floor to keep it from retaining a lot of water. Patching up cracks in the walls is another step to take that can prevent problems in the future.

Options After a Flood

Once a basement has flooded, it’s important to know that there are things that can be done to help restore the area. Knowledgeable builders can come up with solutions that will help restore your basement, and make it look better than ever. Many remodeling projects that take place after a flood produce very stunning results.

One thing you can be sure of is that a remodeling project could do wonders for your basement. Undertaking a task to get everything waterproofed could result in having things turn out even better than you imagined. Consider how a waterproofing project for your basement could work, and you might be amazed.

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  1. Basements is not common in the Philippines, but in countries where it is common to have basements, everyone knows the importance of waterproofing. Sure, there are DIY waterproofing but unless homeowner can ensure that they did a good job themselves, professional help is a must due to health concerns.

  2. I’ve always dreamed about having a house with a basement, thanks to an overload of American TV series or movies. Not sure if I can ever have one here in the Philippines though considering the fact that we get visited by typhoon often and typhoon means flood.

  3. I always dream of having a house with a basement and that’s because I used to watch American tv shows that often showcase their basements.. my grandparents showed us their basement through pictures and they said that they built the basement to protect themselves if ever a tornado or hurricane arrives.. I bet they are waterproofing their basement too

    1. I think basements are prominent in the olden days. My Papa once told us a story about his father and their family hiding in the basement during the Japanese preoccupation.

    2. I think basements are prominent in the olden days. My Papa once told us a story about his father and their family hiding in the basement during the Japanese preoccupation.

  4. I definitely want my dream home to have a basement where I could call my bat cave haha. It wouldn’t be such a bad idea because I live in the highlands, but it does rain a lot and the cold sometimes causes the walls to bubble up. Thank you for this informative post!

  5. I never had a flooding, thank God, but I have worked in a hotel that was flooding all the time in the basement. I remember the constructor coming up with an idea of digging around the house, and make a system that will prevent the water infiltrations, but the owner didn’t want to invest. He always used water resistant coating for the walls, but the water still managed to get though.

  6. In PH, most basements (if ever one will have one) is allocated for parking and/ storage. But for whatever purpose, it’s wise to have it waterproofed.

  7. i lived in a house with a basement for a good half of my life and every rainy season we make sure our water pump is working because we always manage to harbor an indoor pool on a really bad weather. on our next house (still with a basement haha), we made sure everything is sealed and waterproof and I couldn’t be happier that we’re not getting flooded anymore! XD

    1. that’s great! It can really be quite a hassle to have that indoor pool whenever the rainy season comes. I think it is cool to have a basement at home, to bad it is not quite a fad where we live.

  8. I honestly can’t relate to this thing since basements barely exist in my country. But I’ll definitely recommend this post to someone who might be needing tips for waterproofing in the future 🙂

  9. When I was younger, a house with a basement is a dream for me. It’s because if I feel like escaping from the rest of the world, I’ll just go down in the basement, hehe. I still hope to have it someday despite it not being common in our country and I like the idea of a “waterproof” basement.

    1. Having a basement does sound really cool! One can turn it into a sanctuary, a place to hide away from the world or pursue one’s creative pursuits, or just to chill and relax 🙂

  10. I agree. Though I don’t think I’ll put a basement in my future home. Well, the hubby wants too though 🙂 Thanks for the tips!!

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