Mum’s Two Cents: Of Junes + Long-Overdue Giveaway Winner Announcements

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I cannot believe we are now half way through this year. That happened rather too quickly, if you ask me.

The last month seemed to have just zoomed by. It was a beautiful, bittersweet month, as per usual. But I loved its surprises and beautiful moments and I would always look back at May of 2023 as a special month.

I know I still owe you the winners for our January Giveaway, please check the video below for our giveaway announcement!

Congratulations to our winners! Please leave a comment with your GCash Number so I can send your prize soon. For those who are not so lucky, please keep an eye out for another giveaway happening soon.

Thank you for your support, mummas and May this June be ever so kind to us all!

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