Free Php100,000 Insurance Coverage From Manulife’s Bundle Of Joy

The arrival of a new child is one of the most life-changing and challenging part of a parent’s life. The pressure to care for a newborn and the looming responsibility of raising that infant to be a good person while taking steps to secure that little child’s future is enough for any new parent to quiver with fear. I sure had those gazillions of worries when I was just starting to become a parent. But playing a vital role in shaping another person’s life, in my opinion, is more than enough privilege to embrace all the duties and responsibilities with arms wide open.

Manulife has great news for expectant mums and dads, as well as for parents of children below one year of age, they are entitled to a FREE 1-year term life insurance with coverage worth Php100,000! Apart from this great freebie, everyone who registers on their website will also gain access to great reads and helpful parenting tips from experts and win exciting prizes and other freebies. Moreover, the site also offers financial awareness resources especially for those who are starting a family.

Manulife’s Bundle of Joy in a nutshell

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Anthony P. Perez, Senior Vice-President & Head of Alternative Distribution, + Ryan Charland, President + Chief Executive Officer of Manulife Philippines with the adorable children during the Bundle of Joy launch at Palm Grove, The Rockwell Club on 29 January 2015.

Manulife’s Bundle of Joy is in line with the company’s advocacy to reach, educate, and protect as many Filipino families as possible. A great introduction, especially to those who are only beginning to realize the value of life insurance in our lives, this new product from Manulife aims to reach as many people as possible and open them to the idea of investing on life insurance in order to secure their families’ future.

“Financial protection should be in every new or expectant parent’s checklist as the first step towards securing their family’s future. Through Manulife’s Bundle of Joy, we want to make it easy for parents to access life insurance coverage by having them register online and become part of a community that can support their responsibility as parents,” enthused Manulife Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Charland.

How to sign up for Manulife’s Bundle of Joy?

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my little man turns 28 months!

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My little charmer, also known as the little bag of boundless energies, turned 28 months old today! Wee!

Sorry I know you were suppose to stop counting the months once they turn a year old, but I can’t seem to kick the old habit! Anyway, we celebrated by going to the movies + see the little man’s favorite ad on the tellie by far, Enteng Ng Ina Mo {I will tell you more about the movie experience in a separate post :)}.

Jared is slowly discovering his gift of gab + is such a chatterbox now more than ever. Here are a few of his weird + funny words {with their corresponding interpretations as your guide ^_^}

  • Aby – that is his sweet term for “mummy,” ¬†although he can distinctly say “ma” or “mum”
  • Padi – that is his diapers or dappy
  • Kase – I don’t know how this came to be, but this is his term for “tricycle” ūüėÄ
  • Popo – while pointing at his diapers, means he pooped
  • Wowo – that is his favorite stuffed toy, Elmo
  • Sasa – the other favorite stuff toy, Aslan, the white tiger from Zoobic Safari
  • Tata – that is his tita
  • Tuto – or his favorite, Tito
  • Beebee – that is another of his favorites, Jollibee! ^_^
  • Bee – this is his term for his bib
  • Kishi – our christmas tree ūüôā

His vocabulary + speaking has greatly improved in several months + I couldn’t be a prouder mum. Apart from that he can now distinguish {+ say them clearly, too} letters A to J with the addition of letter O. He can also count from 1 to 10, ¬†recite the names of his stuffed toy friends, and recall the sound made by the following animals:¬†dog,¬†cat,¬†tiger, frog, + bird {we’ve also included fish into the fray, which makes the “swim, swim” sound :)}

A few words added into his vocabulary includes:¬†moon,¬†star,¬†daddy,¬†fish, ball, + apple.¬†I know he will learn a whole lot more new things next year + I couldn’t be more excited! ūüėÄ

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where-to-weekend: the all about baby bazaar 2 – rockwell tent

All About Baby Bazaar 2, which aims to showcase the newest, innovative + economical baby products + equip mums with tips + information on how to raise a baby + other parenting issues, is the perfect place for all your baby’s needs so be sure to head down to Rockewell Tent later at 10am-9pm.

Highlight of the event includes:

  • a one-stop shop of all the latest + the most innovative brands + products for babies out in the market today
  • get exclusive discounts by more than 60 bazaar merchants
  • get to see your favorite Nickelodeon character, Dora, the Explorer
  • learn a thing or two from a pool of experts thru a number of talks + workshops
  • be lucky with numerous games + raffles for lucky attendees

A lot of well-loved baby brands will be there to showcase their products including one of my favorites, Indigo Baby + The Stork Studio.  Workshops + talks on breastfeeding,  belly dancing exercise for mums + kids + first aid for common baby injuries are among the activities lined up for the day.

I forgot to mention that you only need to present your August issue of Working Mom’s Magazine to get in for free. So, if you happen to have free time later do catch The All About Baby Bazaar 2. I really wish I could go, I am a sucker for this type of baby bazaars but, alas, my Saturday is full. Of household chores + laundry duties that is! Haist ūüôĀ

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