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I simply love lists + I have been making them since time immemorial. + don’t you just love it when every item on your list is marked done at the end of the day {or whichever time frame you set for it!}? It makes me feel like i am an efficient + accomplished mum + homemaker {not to mention, an online worker} when I see all those ticks + remarks, not to mention organized + helps me recall stuff I’d otherwise forget. 😉

Oh well, here are a few of the items on my to-do list for this week:

  • buy a rash guard for the little man. I spent a couple of hours browsing through online shops in search for a rash guard for the little man + finally managed to see some, but decides the best deal I can get is the rash guard/trunks pair we saw at the mall on Sunday + made a mental note to swing by anytime within this week so I can purchase one for my Jared.
  • do my weekly laundry. Of course, this task is present in my to-do list every single week, + until the time I finally managed to get me a new washing machine, I shall be hand washing all our soiled clothes, + making my back hurt in the process, for the time being. Not one of my most favorite chore, I tell you!
  • contact the swimming coach for Jared’s enrollment. I have been meaning to enroll the little man in a swimming class this summer + I have just found the perfect one + it is just a jeepney-ride away from our place. Hopefully this will push through, I bet my little one will enjoy this much as he loves swimming in the water.
  • update my blogs. Read: write posts after posts! I have yet to write about Denver CO real estate company + all about real estate Denver boasts of. I also need to update my travel blog as I have been neglecting it lately, focusing more on this mum blog + the little man’s blog. Hopefully I get to find the time to update all three in a timely manner as I am having thoughts of coming up with yet another one, a food blog this time! 🙂

This list can go on + on, but I do not want to bore you with it! I only wish I can accomplish all of them this week so I can get more job done next.

What is on your to-do list?

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  1. It’s amazing you have three blogs! I can’t even update my one and only blog as it’s hard to find time here esp. if my little girl is up who always shouts “shut down, shut down!” 😀

    1. yes, sis, am rooting for a swimming lesson this summer, hopefully it will push through, we have yet to see the coach. I will remember that, thank you! 🙂

  2. i have yet to make my own list of to-do’s and actually do each and every one on that list. wala talagang time. i still don’t know if i should enroll gwen in a summer arts & crafts o magrest na lang sa house.

    good luck with your to-do’s especially sa paglalaba. my least favorite thing to do.

    1. maybe ate MG will enjoy an arts + crafts summer class, but of course, she will also enjoy relaxing at home kasi dami na activities during school days 🙂

      thank you sis, i am putting the laundry on hold kasi i have a boo boo in one of my fingers 🙁

  3. I hate doing list(the reason why I’m a little disorganized):) May be I should start making my own list today. 🙂

    1. i envy you that you get them done on time. sometimes, there is an item on my list that will be left undone until a few weeks or a month! 🙁

  4. I used to do that too, sadly when I found other things to, it will be sidelined for a while until I forgot totally, pero it’s a good thing kc pagnakita ko ung list maaalala ko ulit.. lol..

    1. true, that is what compels me to do these lists in the first place, so that i won’t forget all about them! 😀

  5. I regularly have my list of things to do during college days, sometimes I write it on tissue paper but today, I have the list on my phone so I’ll be updated from time to time.

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