Tips on Giving Flowers for an Anniversary Gift

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Everybody knows that your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life – but what about that day, year on year, when we remember that best day and celebrate it again? What can we do to make it just as special as the day, or days, that came before it?

That is where come in. We seek out the best so that you don’t have to. All you have to do is let our experts at interflora anniversary gifts design the perfect anniversary bouquet, and you can concentrate on making the rest of the day wonderful.

Flowers are chosen for their natural beauty, but also for the sense of occasion they can impart. Ivy leaves represent fidelity – always an important part of any marriage. Similarly, holly is used to symbolise domestic happiness – another secret to wedded bliss. Violets are a sign of faithfulness, and red chrysanthemums are for sharing. Pansies denote loving thoughts, whereas orange blossom is an ancient symbol of fertility. Vibrant sunflowers mean adoration, and where red tulips are traditionally used as a declaration of love in the first instance, yellow ones are given to imply that the sender is still hopelessly in love. has a wonderful sunflower bouquet. With this show of adoration nestled comfortably between stems of pink roses and lilac lisianthus amongst others, you know that your anniversary gift will be memorable.

For the love that remains passionate year on year, interflora anniversary gifts have a unique ‘Six Stolen Kisses’ bouquet. Comprised of six large headed red roses, complemented with eucalyptus and salal leaves, and topped off with an ‘I love you’ helium balloon, this is the perfect gift to show your partner that the passion you felt on your wedding day has never faded, and in fact grows stronger every day.
Or for truly extravagant declarations of affection, our unforgettable fifty red roses, hand-tied and finished with gift wrap and ribbon are definitely that once in a lifetime memorable anniversary gift.

Although the fourth anniversary is the one more strongly related traditionally to the giving of flowers, each anniversary has it’s own symbolic flower attached, from single carnations for a first anniversary to a bouquet of yellow roses for a fiftieth. is passionate about your passion, so trust us to help you make that declaration of love and commitment year upon year.

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