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How is 2013 treating you so far? I spent New Year’s Eve at my parents’ house and me and my siblings Bel, Cel and Ken, together with my little man had a simple yet special celebration in the house where we all grew up in. It would’ve been grander if my parents and my other brother, PJ, was around together with my niece and nephew, but nevertheless, I really enjoyed the time we spent at home. It has been awhile since we’ve been there last and no matter how abandoned and deteriorated the place looks like, I really miss the refuge and the warmth it gives me. I really miss living there. One day I hope we’d be able to have it renovated and live there for good.

I guess the little man shared the same sentiments. It has been, after all, more than a year since we left to rent a little place of our own and he probably miss our old house, too. It was evident on the way his eyes lit up when he saw the place. He instantly have a bigger space to roam around and a big backyard to play in! True enough, even when we stayed up a little past midnight last night to celebrate the coming of 2013 by sharing a simple meal and lighting some fireworks, he was up earlier than all the grown ups the next day and was wandering around the yard in no time. He spent the entire day doing just that.

When we visited my parents at the memorial park, he was also up on his toes running here and there, playing with children who were also accompanying their grown up relatives to visit their dearly departed on New Year’s Day. I know my little man had a grand time, too bad I was busy running after him and carrying him when he gets tired, and having a picnic with my siblings on the side,  that I wasn’t able to snap some shots of him in action.

The only photo I managed to take today is this photo of him sleeping soundly like an angel. Oh well, after all the physical activities he did today, it was only fitting that he capped the day with a sound sleep and turn in early.  He was fast asleep right after I washed him up and fed him with a bottle of milk :)

Sharing this with Blog Photo Challenge and with #fmsphotoaday. Nothing like a good challenge to jumpstart the new year and I really hope I can follow through and finish this. Wish me luck! ;)

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