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The pressure to be a great mum causes a lot of us gals a bit of stress, particularly with this new trend in parent shaming across social media. One of the best ways to counter stress is improving your self-esteem and raising your self confidence, and there is no better way than arming yourself with some knowledge, skills and learning. We’ve compiled a list of online courses (all free) for mums who are feeling a bit ragged dealing with kids who don’t sleep or cry all the time. We’ve also concentrated on courses that face parenting challenges in mental health, autism, tantrums and development delays.

online resources for mums, parenting 101, motherhood, fun things to do online, free online parenting courses, parenting website
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KidsMatter is an Australian mental health and well-being initiative in preschools, kindergartens, day care centres as well as primary schools. While their extensive website has a number of free courses, eBooks and video resources for educators it also has an extensive section for parents.

Supporting your children to develop resilience is a very important part of motherhood and their library of resources for parents begin with the basics of understanding mental health issues in early childhood. You can learn how to teach kids mindfulness as well as developing resilience. Other topics surround schooling issues like bullying, getting along with other children, learning difficulties and managing kids who refuse to go to school. The content on the website is useful not only for kids who are having mental health issues but also for teaching parents how to pro-actively guide their children into good mental health. For education courses with formal qualifications, check out

Raising Children is an Australian parenting website where you’ll find a host of excellent resources all free. There’s a good range of podcasts, blogs, videos and forums all within niche topics like pregnancy, newborns, babies, toddlers, school age, pre-teens, teens, grown ups, autism and disabilities.

One of the really cool things on the website are the regular webinars with qualified parenting experts. These free online online courses include advice on parenting children who have additional or complex needs, managing sleep, the ever popular ‘tantrum series’ as well as how to take care of yourself and cope with the challenges of parenting.

online resources for mums, parenting 101, motherhood, fun things to do online, free online parenting courses, parenting website
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Parenting Research Centre

The Parenting Research Centre host a number of different free parenting courses through the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). After following the link in the heading above you can self-enrol for free in any of the courses listed below.

Cry Baby

Cry Baby is a program for parents of infants aged less than 12 weeks of age. The program will provide you with information and advice about the steps you can take early on to set up good long-term sleep habits in your infant, as well as information about normal infant crying and how to cope with crying.


Signposts for building better behavior is for families of children with an intellectual disability or developmental delay. It aims to help parents work out the reasons for their child’s behavior, develop effective ways of managing that behavior, and prevent more difficult behavior developing in the future.

Signposts Online will take approximately 10-12 weeks to complete, with breaks of a few days to a week between content modules to allow for time to practice your new skills with your child. The Signposts program has been designed to be fully completed in the order listed below, so please don’t be tempted to skip ahead, or you may not get the outcomes you are after.

Early Days online workshops

The Early Days online workshops have been designed for mothers, fathers and other carers of young children under the age of six who have an autism spectrum disorder. You can participate in the 8 online workshops individually, at your own pace.

  1. Building Your Residence to Stress
  2. Communication
  3. Fathers
  4. Managing Stress
  5. Self-Management
  6. Sleep
  7. Supporting Siblings
  8. Video Modelling

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

This online program for is for teenagers with type 1 diabetes and their parents. The program acknowledges that a teen is a teenager first and foremost and will be going through adolescence like other people their age. As well as covering issues related to diabetes, the program addresses common challenges for teenagers and how to overcome these by building strong relationships with family and friends.

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  1. Got to love everything online nowadays. Parenting can be daunting and yes, a little theory learned from experienced parents and experts are really helpful. Thanks for sharing the online learning platform for parents. ??

  2. I am glad that there are several parenting courses now widely available for parents. This will be useful for first time parents who are clueless on how they will be become GOOD parents to their kids.

  3. In the old days, parents just learned from other parents. Now we have too many sites and too many people (some of them not even parents) telling us what we are doing wrong. It can be nerve wracking. I say listen but weigh still if the advise is meant for your kid or not. It still pays to parent the way you feel is right.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. Even with the advent of all these websites and online courses, parenting and motherhood is almost 100% instinctual, and, it is still best to listen our mother’s instinct.

  4. It is nice that there are tons of parenting tutorials and guide online where you can watch in your home while attending your kids’ needs. And also have a bonding moment with them.

  5. This is great! I’ve been a mom for 16 years now but I think there’s still a lot of things I could learn about parenting. It always helps to learn new things.

  6. Thank you so much mommy! I’m a new mom and I really think these websites will definitely help me survive being a mom. I am having PPD lately and also struggling juggling work and motherhood. I just feel so down and tired.

    1. You are most welcome, mummy! Being a new mum is never easy and it tends to be tiring and frustrating on most times so we really needed all the help we could get. A piece of advice ~ get those extra zzzz as much as you can. Nap when your little one does so you will have the extra energy to stay up much later at night and answer are the grueling demands of your newborn. Go easy on yourself and most importantly, enjoy every minute of it as they are only babies for a very short time! ^_^

  7. Learning parenting the modern way is just a click away. Good news that it’s for free and convenient for moms who lived away from their mothers because they can just browse and learn parenting online.

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