Tips + Tricks: Recommended Skin Care Routine For Mums

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Devin Avery

Maintaining a good skin care routine for a busy mum can be very hard. Depending on your skin condition, you can either stick to a basic routine of cleansing-toning-moisturizing or if you have problematic skin, you may opt for special treatments to help improve your skin condition. These treatments can range from using specialised products or even investing in tailored skincare supplements. If you find that the latter appeals to you, you can always check out these Dermal Repair Complex reviews to see whether and which supplements might be a beneficial addition to your skincare routine. 

These are some useful natural skin care tips to try for a healthy and radiant skin. A proper skin care routine is necessary to ensure the health of your face. When you properly cleanse tone and moisturize your skin, you will have healthy skin. For problematic skin

Using a cleanser

Washing your face is a basic and essential step of any routine Soak your face in warm water and ensure that all areas of the face are covered in water. Do not use hot water as it can damage and dehydrate the skin. Apply a small amount of facial cleanser to the skin and use your fingers to gently massage the cleanser into your face using a circular motion. Continue cleansing for about 45 seconds avoiding the mouth and eye areas. Finally, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Dry the face with a clean and soft towel as a dirty towel can transfer dirt to your face.


Soak a cotton pad with facial toner and pat the cotton pad across the entire face. Pay extra attention to the chin, nose, and forehead because these areas are frequently oily. Toning removes residue and helps skin retain moisture. Most toners can be used morning and night.

Using serums

Serums are powerful skin allies. They are filled with concentrated doses of active ingredients that solve some cases like dark spots and wrinkles. Serums contain vitamin C which helps brighten dull looking skin, and they decrease dark spots after continued use. They also contain vitamin B3 which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, proteins in the body that helps prevent lines and skin sagging.

You should use a warm moist towel on your face to open pores and leave skin slightly wet. Apply tiny dots of serum all over the face and then massage lightly all over the face. Rub the skin in circular motions.


Using only a small amount of moisturizer, use your fingers to massage the moisturizer into the skin gently. Choose a moisturizer that matches your particular skin type as dry skin may need a thick cream while a gentle skin may require a more gentle cream. The individuals who have sensitive skin often require products made with no fragrances and harsh chemicals. People with oily skin need products that gently exfoliate without having heavy oils. Moisturizing traps water into your skin thus brightening your complexion.

Using anti-aging-collagen cream

Anti-aging collagen cream is ideal for aging skin protecting it from external aggressions. Take a pear size amount of your anti-aging cream and place small dots all over your face and neck. Gently massage into skin from the inside and outwards. Wait for a few minutes before applying make-up. While using a pro-collagen anti-aging cream, you should use one product at a time as using a different product at the same time can irritate your skin. Also follow directions on the products to get the best results, and give the product time to work before changing it.

If you do not get the best results after following the routine, see a dermatologist to examine your skin and discuss the concerns with you.

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