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Remember those colorful + delicious M&M’s® candies from when you are little? Remember how you’d separate them by their colors + eat most of the red ones first? Well, our beloved candies from childhood is having a little bit of a friendly competition, they would love to know which amongst them is the most loved + the most popular of all! Of course, they are asking us to give them a hand + let our votes be counted!

As for me, I’d been a total Yellow fan since I was a kid, so Mr. Yellow is my Guy, my favorite Candydate! 😉

And here are a few interesting facts you might want to know about our Guy:

  • Age : Unknown, but in touch with his inner child
  • Turn-ons : I like belly dancing, honey, sunflowers and… peanut butter, but a friend told me that was cannibalism. Do you think it’s true?
  • About me : You want to know something about me? Never thought about it before. Let me think about it and I’ll get back to you.
  • Why vote for me : Don’t you care about these elections? I’m your M&M’s!

Isn’t he just a darling? Now, be a total doll yourself + go vote for him 😉

Support your favorite hue by simply casting your votes on! You will not only be showing your favorite M&M’s® Characters your undying love + support, you might even get lucky + win yourself some fabulous prizes including:

  • a grand prize of your choice of any M&M’s® merchandise worth US$1,000
  • 450 bi-weekly prizes including a set of five M&M’s® key rings and an M&M’s® dispenser

Cool, right? So vote for the hue that suits you. Now! Remember you can vote as much as you wish so Mr. Yellow will win + be the most popular candydate 😉

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