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I don’t think I’ve mentioned that we are living in a two-storey house now + that I’ve decide  to place the computer table in our room upstairs so that I may be able to keep watch of the little man whilst I blog away in the wee hours of the morning {a schedule that I think is the best for us!}. The downside is that there is no way I can keep tabs on my blogs + e-mail once we’ve headed down to the living room. + will only be reconnected to my online endeavors late at night when we head back up again so that Jared can sleep or when I try to sneak upstairs while he is having a nap in his playpen 🙂

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So you can just imagine my surprise when I wander upstairs to check on my mails one afternoon last week + found that I was $10 richer! Apparently I won in sis Mel‘s Ukranian Easter Eggs Giveaway + she immediately sent my winnings to my Paypal account! Winners are posted here:D

Thank you sis Mel for this pleasant surprise, now I’ve got extra moolah to buy Jared some new toys + this set of educational DVD’s I saw online 2 days ago! 😀

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