a trip to the bookstore

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Books are this mum’s absolute hearts! No trip to the mall is ever complete without stopping by one. Plus, it is an activity both me + the little man enjoys immensely! I get this certain feel of contentment + peace whenever I am surrounded by all those wonderful books, even if I won’t get to buy them in the end. Browsing through them + savoring the familiar scent of printed pages wafting through my nose is just sheer bliss!

It has been a few weeks since I’ve been to the bookstore + I cannot wait to visit one very soon. Tomorrow, I hope, if all our plans fall into place. I’ll be doing an errand in the afternoon with the little man + my bro, then we’ll be hitting the mall afterwards to meet up with my friend, Jack, who is also Jared’s godmother. I will grab the chance to make a beeline to the nearest bookstore in between that. I’d like to check out some more postcards for my postcrossing hobby, + who knows what other treasure I’d find there tomorrow. I’d probably get some envelopes + stickers, too.

The bookstore is brimming with wonderful items, that I can’t just help but hoard whenever I visit. Gone are those days when all you see are racks upon racks of boring + impersonal school supplies. Now you’d find wonderfully-made planners + notebooks. You will also stumble upon specialty papers + uber-kawaii items for arts + crafts. + loads of beautiful albums for scrapbooking, too. You’d also probably discover a lovely lanyard or two, or hard-to-find collectible cd’s or software for ID cards, maybe. + if you are lucky, a sale or two!

Oh well, I really look forward to my bookstore trips, it is one of my simple pleasures. Plus, Jared also has the time of his life browsing through racks + choosing books + stuff to look at! 🙂  Sadly, I do not have photographs of our trips there. But I plan to take photos next time + I will be sure to post them here when I do 🙂

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