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That being a 24/7 mum, day in day out can take its toll on anyone is something I have to experience on a regular basis. Being cooped up with a 2-year old tot, who’s got boundless + endless energy, + who would sometimes like to do anything else but sleep during nap time or during the late hours of the night, is simply too much for a tired + sleep-deprived mum like me to take! I often have the urge to scream at the top of my lungs just so I can vent. Sometimes I wish I were some place else, resting + relaxing with a good paperback in hand.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my little man to bits, tantrums + all, I just wish sometimes I can take a break when I badly need one, so I won’t end up all cranky + lose my patience at the slightest provocation. In my opinion, a mum who gets to spend time on her own when she needs it, becomes an even more effective mum when she goes back home. + Motherhood is such a gargantuan task, after all, I needed all the help I can get + all the patience I can ever muster, not to mention all the free time I can enjoy.

The lows of being a one-man army, I guess, that you cannot take even a half-day’s off even you’re aching for one. But I do not want to keep feeling this, + although it can be hard most times,  I’d stick to my New Year goal of finding time for myself whenever I can. I deserve it + my son deserves a mum who’s in a good mood all the time.

+ for starters, I’d make the most of this morning-online session whilst my sweet little Jared busies himself with his Mickey Mouse coin banks :)

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