Nothing is ever really lost, or can be lost, no birth, no identity, form – no object of the world, nor life, nor any visible things; the body, sluggish, aged, cold, – the embers left, shall duly flame again.

~ Walt Whitman

Today marks my father’s 5th death anniversary. I cannot believe that it has been 5 years already, we sure miss him every single day + cannot help but think that life will be so much better if he + my Mama were around. The little man would’ve had a better + fun childhood that is for sure! His grandparents would’ve smoldered him with kisses + love, + Papa would’ve spoiled him rotten, too!

…we miss you everyday, Pa, I guess losing a father is one of those things that never really grow on you no matter what you do. I keep looking back at those wonderful memories, those summers in my childhood spent biking around the neighborhood, laying our tattered old mat in the rice field + flying kites. I remember the last few months we spent with you + that fateful day, like it was yesterday. I will tell Jared all about you when he is bigger + I promise I will make sure that I pass onto my little man everything that you taught me, hopefully including the love for word puzzles + books, too!

I know that you are in a much better place now, Pa, but I cannot simply stop to think how our lives will be like if you + Mama were still around. We shall continue to uphold the values + lessons that you taught us + hopefully, in our own little way we make you proud up there!

Though, I have never really seen you danced, I wish I did + what I wouldn’t give to have that dance with you…We shall see you again, Pa, until then know that you will always be loved + missed!

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