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online resources for mums, site review, reviewsPregnancy opened up a whole new world for me and without a mum to guide me throughout this exciting yet difficult, thrilling yet frightening phase in my life, I turned to pregnancy and parenting books and other publications, as well as parenting online sites to show me the ropes. I was rummaging through motherhood topics upon topics in the forum of this parenting site I’ve signed up for to search for helpful tips and essential tidbits of information, or at some point, a virtual pat on the shoulder when everything seems to be not going my way, which I was able to use while I was pregnant, and later on when I gave birth and became a mum.

Parenting sites have really been an indispensable part of my motherhood journey that is why I am thrilled to share with you a new site that I am sure will be able to guide and help you as you go along your own parenting journey, too ~ EverydayFamily.com.

EverydayFamily.com in a nutshell

reviews, site review, online resources for mumsIt is a portal of valuable information, useful tricks and latest news on anything and everything parenting, with nuggets of wisdom you can use at whatever phase of parenting you might be in at the moment. For those in the Pre-conception stage, you will find useful tips about Ovulation Calculator as well as useful suggestions for those who are having trouble getting pregnant on the Preconception tab.  You will get everything you need to care for yourself and the baby in your tummy at every trimester, as well as a comprehensive pregnancy guide on the Pregnancy tab.

Read anything from birth announcements, to breastfeeding and sleep basics, to caring for your newborn on the Baby tab. You can also get similar useful trivia and tips, as well as expert advice, on the Toddler and Parents tabs.

You can also watch related videos or join forums and keep in touch with mums who share your situation. To maximize your experience, joining the the community will prove to be the best option for you. By joining, you will get a weekly newsletter, get free access to My Everyday Portal, be part of a very engaging community, get free baby stuffs and have the chance to join fun sweepstakes and contests!

Mum’s two-cents

I simply love the simple outline of this site and the way they designed it to be very user-friendly and easy enough for everyone to navigate. You can see practically everything you might need at the homepage. A forum is also a plus on my book since this is where mums like me can get to meet and speak with other mums in other parts of the world who might just be having the same problems and issues or sharing the same woes.

Thumbs up for all the social plug-ins that are easily visible around the site. This means sharing articles or topics with your mum friends is just a click away. And lookie, they also got bloggers in their pool and don’t we all love to read about mum bloggers! A newsletter is a plus on my book as busy mums like me needs to have constant reminders lest we forget all about the site altogether.

I give this site two thumbs up but do not just take my word for it, hop on to everydayfamily.com and see for yourself. And do not forget to sign up for their community, while you’re at it, right? 😉

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