Mum Finds: Eco Candles For All Saints’ Day

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mum find, household products, products, All Saints' Day

Like most of the previous year, we are most likely to spend our entire day at the memorial to pay tribute to our parents who have passed on 6 years ago. We’d bring flowers and light those candles and join the crowd who make time on this day to visit and remember our dearly departed. ¬†We’d also bring snacks and food, as well as a big Coleman filled with iced cold water. We’d love to come prepared, that is why as early as a month from November, we are already on the hunt for beautiful and affordable candles to bring on All Saints’ Day.

mum find, household products, products, All Saints' Day

I guess we are in luck this year. While out one Sunday to run some errands, we chanced upon these pretty candles at the department store of Waltermart. We instantly fell in love with the colors and the scent. And what’s even better is that these candles are up for grabs at 50% off, so we get to bring home 6 candles for the price of 3! How cool is that? Hopefully these candles last up to the remaining hours of November 1st.

Are you ready for All Saints’ Day and what have you prepared?

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  1. Candles are my fave.., used to collect beautiful pieces of scented candles but some of them got flushed with flood waters ūüôĀ i still have some few pieces left and no plans to lit them up lol

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