Mum Finds: Cars + ABC Food Picks

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I have always been fascinated with those awesome bentos and aspired to create lovely food arts, too, when my little man is more up to eating solids aside from his usual pancit canton from Chowking. That is the reason why I keep my eyes open for interesting items that I might be able to use once I am up and ready to start my bento journey. By the way, I’ve attended a bento workshop last quarter of 2013 but have not been able to share it here yet. It was really inspiring and I really aspire to create those fun and healthy baon boxes for the little man once he goes to school.

I got these cute picks late last year, too. I thought the abc’s would pique the little man’s attention, while the Cars’ sandwich press are just too adorable not to notice. Jared is a huge fan of Lightning McQueen and the gang that is why I know he will like these. In fact, he was too excited to play with them when they arrived home, probably thinking they were another batch of Cars’ toys for him to play.

Am not that crafty and am not that creative either, but am sure I can think of a number of ways to use these picks to make the food I serve for my little man look even more interesting. I sure hope his appetite will follow soon. By the way, I got these pieces from a friend I met at the bento workshop I mentioned. The Cars’ sandwich plunger are at Php200 per set, while the ABC picks sell at Php25 per set of three.

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  1. This is really great for kids who are picky eaters. My 23-month old son isalready starting to get picky with his food. I’ll buy those picks one of these days, just so I could entice him to eat veggies and other healthy food.

  2. wow you are indeed creative.. Making children eat is a challenge according to my mom. I am sure your child would love that.

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