Children: Inclusive Education System

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Nathan Dumlao

What is an inclusive education?

Inclusive education is all about educating children with special needs along with children without special needs. The aim of inclusive education is not to create any differentiation between general training and special education. In fact, they expect the schools to restore themselves and allow the special children in.

Now, people advocate that the children with special needs are welcomed into the school,and they create a set-up that respects them, nurtures them and empowers them in the long run. Therefore, if you have such a target group where you have children with diverse needs which is representative of a healthy population, then there is so much more than the school must gear up for.

It is important to remember that inclusion is not just being in there with the healthy children in a regular school. The children must not feel the idea of not belonging to that place. It is a massive responsibility that needs proper planning before starting it. Teaching works and instruction is essential. The training of teachers can help in making such projects successful.

Inclusive School System Requirements

The inclusive school requirements are very different from the normal one. The system needs to change each aspect of it to make it work. The two main elements that need immediate and utmost changes are:

  1. Concerning the inclusive school or college curriculum, you would require a lot of flexibility
  2. Regarding teaching methodologies and expertise on the part of the teachers, there is a need for proper training

What Does This New Ideology Trying To Promote?

Three main points are in focus of people who are trying to promote the inclusive education system. These are:

  1. It seeks to bring social cohesion
  2. It tries to create a more responsible and patient society
  3. It tries to undo the harm that is done to the people who are differently abled

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An Interesting Infographic On Literacy

Literacy changes the world. 

Today we celebrate the International Literacy Day and it was rather timely that I have stumbled upon this infographic on Global Literacy. Literacy is indeed everyone’s concern, and whether we are professionals, homemakers and mums, or students, we ought to take part in raising awareness about literacy {or lack thereof}, and ultimately lend a hand in raising the literacy rate around the globe.

Here are some interesting facts about global literacy put together by our friends from Grammarly that I thought everyone should be aware of. Do feel free to share on your blogs or social media pages and do your small part in being part of the solution to achieve improvement in literacy around the world. Thanks!  😀 

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2012 goal #2: learning a new skill

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I did mention am shying away from New Year’s resolution altogether + will be renaming them as goals or bucket list from here on. + one of the many goals I have in mind is to learn something new this year. A few options come to mind:

  • enroll in a Yoga class is on top of it {I have been meaning to do this since time immemorial but priorities + parenting got in the way :)},
  • learning how to drive, which I have put on hold some years ago when I found out I was pregnant
  • learning a third language which can very well be either French, Italian or Spanish. I love the romance languages + it had been my life-long dream to know how to speak French.
  • enroll in a cooking class. Now this option is by far the most practical, as being a mum, I really need to be dishing out those delicious + nutritious meals for my kiddo. But since money is also a big factor, I am thinking of sticking to watching cooking shows + buying cookbooks + cooking publications for now.
Learning is a life-long process + I believe that it is very important that I strive to learn something new everyday. Not only will I be able to pass it on to the little man when it’s time, but it is also a great exercise for my brain. I remember when I had to have an impromptu quickbooks training when I was hired as a cashier in my previous job. Back then, no quickbooks training online were available on hand that I had to learn the ropes as I used the system each day on the job. I only had a few days to practice before the store opens + I was glad that my brain is in tip top running condition to take all the information overload in 🙂
It was timely that I chanced upon this post the other day whilst I was browsing through sites online. I found out that Stanford University is offering free online lessons. Yes, the famous university where Chuck went + was kicked out, remember? I just had to check it out + what do you know, I find one subject interesting enough for me + hit the enroll button. If you’d ask why I chose Anatomy among all the subjects listed, well, anything technical has lesser appeal to me, + I reckon Anatomy is the most handy subject for a mum to learn 🙂

image not mine

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