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Weather’s been unpredictable yet again, yesterday it was all so summer hot, then it turned gloomy + rainy later in the afternoon.  This morning, looking out the window when i woke up, I was thinking it’ll be cloudy + rainy the whole day again, dang it! But what do you know, later in the afternoon, the sun is up + scorching again!

Anyway, sorry about my ill-fitting rendition of a weather forecast, this mum has no intentions of being the next weather girl, just so you know 😉

On to the task at hand (sorry for the very long preamble!), glad that I came across WBFC’s 12th edition post when I decided to peek into my computer, for a very insy-winsy bit of time last night (early Sunday morning really).  I was bone-tired see, we were out the whole day for a summer outing + I was not able to go online when we got home.  I woke up midnight + did some more chores that I was not able to finish earlier + turned on the PC before I get back to sleeping.

This week it is going to be a Twitter Follow Party! Very timely if you’d ask me, since I made a Twitter account very recently (yes, I finally succumbed to creating one ;)) to join sis Cherry’s Swatch giveaway + my account is so lonely, it is in dire need of friends + followers. I also didn’t get around to placing a Twitter badge here in my blog, but am sure is working on that. I’ve just recently linked up this baby to my Twitter account, too! So, if you’d be kind enough, please follow me at:


I’ll be sure to return the follow so kindly leave your comments here, too!

That’s about it, hope you feel free to look around here too, as for me I’ll be off to tinker on my posts to update this baby.

For more of Twitter follow just check this week’s edition of Weekend Blog Follower Caravan or simply click on the badge up there 😉

Love + Light,

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