freebie alert: eq dry diapers’ fluffy friends promo

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freebie alert, EQ Dry Diapers

EQ Dry is know to offer exciting freebies + promos to their patrons over time. I have been using this diaper brand on my little man since he was a baby + we’ve claimed a couple of freebie items already, including this green frog table, cool wooden alphabet book, which my son absolutely love!  They even sent Jared a birthday card last year! I’ve also joined their Birthday Party Promo a number of times but I wasn’t that lucky.

Anyway, EQ DRY Diapers is back with yet another fun promo + this time they are giving out these fun fluffy friends for free in exchange forold diaper wrappers. You can choose from 4 cute animal plush toy designs: Cow, Dog, Duck + Tiger. All you have to do is collect 26 points to get one for free. You can check out the diaper packaging for its corresponding number of points. The Jumbo Pack of 36 pieces of XXL diapers is equivalent to 3 points. Make sure your wrappers are clean + the corresponding points are intact, otherwise your entries will be considered invalid.

Once you summed up the corresponding number of points with your wrappers, all you have to do is send your entries to JS Unitrade Merchandise Offices in Manila, Cebu + CDO. You can also send them to:

  • EQ Dry Fluffy Friends ~ P.O. Box 14280 Pasig City
If you live anywhere near their offices, you may also hand carry your entries. Do not forget to include the following details in your entries:
  • your name
  • address
  • contact number
  • e-mail address
  • your baby’s name + birthday
  • signature

This promo runs from until 06 August, 2012 + may join as many times as you like. So, hurry + collect those EQ Diaper wrappers + join in! I still need a few more points before I can send my entry, but am sure I’d be able to beat the designated deadline + I hope you do, too! 😉

For more information you may visit

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  1. I would like to follow up my fluffy friends , I’ve send it third week of July but until now wala pa akon natatanggap

    Thank you

    1. i guess it will be best to follow-up with EQ. why not try sending a message in their facebook page, instead.

  2. I would like to follow up my fluffy animals. Ganya ba kayo katagal magresponse sa mga consumers ninyo sa mga pro mo ninyo???? Mrs. bonachita

    P.S. you give a deadline but the response is not ok…

    1. hey there, i guess you have to check out the EQ Dry site or their Facebook page to follow-up on your premium items. I am not in any way affiliated with the company + am just merely sharing the news to my loyal readers. I have not received my items as of this writing + will try to reach them through either of those media for feedback. Thanks + have a nice day 🙂

    1. i guess you have to keep in touch with EQ Dry thru their Facebook Page or website. I am in no way related to this company but is merely sharing this promo to all the mums out there. i hope you get your fluffy animal in no time, i am also still waiting for mine…

  3. hi,
    just follow up my fluffy animals.I already send it last 1st week of august.
    hoping for ur immediate action on this matter.thanks

    1. hello there, Melba, as I have told all the others who left a comment before you, you must get in contact with EQ Dry thru their FB Page or their website. I am not in any way related with the company + is also now waiting for my fluffy animal to arrive. thanks! i do hope we receive them real soon! 🙂

  4. when I send my EQ Dry Wrappers thru LBC last Aug02, I thought it would add as gift to my baby CLOUD who turns three (3) last September 27. I even dropped lots of wrapper at McDo wishing I could give him a sponsored party. Unfortunately, i was not that lucky. Please, kahit ung fluppy toy na lang juz to compensate my effort. and so as not to disappoint me… I’m still waiting poh.

    1. i guess you better contact them thru their website or FB page. just like you I also sent numerous entries for their birthday promo but i wasn’t lucky. i also joined this one + up to now i am still waiting for my fluffy friend.

    1. hello there, i do apologize but i am not selling the wooden alphabet book. this is my little man’s toy! 🙂

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