This Mum Needs A Vacation

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motherhood, summer, mum's thoughts
not-so-sick-anymore, the little man gave me this toothy smile when I took a snap of him

We’re only half-way through the month of March, but this early I cannot help but feel that I really need a vacation and soon. Caring for a sick child was never simple. It breaks my heart to see the little man ill and it pains me to force him to take meds!¬† ūüė• I am just too relieve that he is well now and is back to being his usual rowdy, active and playful self. We’ve also just finished his medication, and even when I cannot say that it went well, since there are still times when he simply refused and cried, by the third day, he got the hang of it and I was able to finish giving him one nebule without too much fuss. I can do away without them for a little while longer if you ask me.¬†

motherhood, summer, mum's thoughts
a lovely bay window

I guess lack of sleep and the unnecessary stress started to catch up on me and I am feeling rather in need of a break, a short vacation or even just a quick break from the daily grind. I find myself longing for the beach more often now and daydreaming of lush greenery, white sand and the bluest of beaches. Not to mention succulent seafood barbecues and beautiful and romantic hotel and resort bay windows.

Oh well, I know we won’t be hitting the beach anytime sooner, but I will make sure that we have some water fun soon. If only it can be done in a snap, I would really love to put up the inflatable pool now so the little man and I can take a swim. Anyway, if ever thoughts of the beach and the lack of it gets me down, I will simply delight in the thought that, at least I do not have to worry about my little man anymore because he is feeling a lot better now!¬† :chic:

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