What To Do This Long Weekend

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It is another long weekend here in our part of the globe as the November 1st holiday fell on a Friday and I am sure a lot of families are so excited to plan their activities for the 3-day weekend. Apart from paying respects to our dearly departed, am sure everyone is just about ecstatic to go somewhere or do something fun with the entire family! Personally, every weekend in our household is just another weekend, considering this mum never goes to work, but apart from going to the memorial to visit my parents’ grave, I’d think of something fun and enjoyable for me and my little man to do.  :heart:

Here are a few things you might want to do with your family, too:

  • Go On A Quick Getaway ~ especially for families with members that keep a regular 9-5 job, the long weekend is the most opportune time to go on a quick, yet much needed, getaway. Hit the nearest beach or go to a new destination you have not been before. Make the most of the holiday by catching up with the other members of the family, or with friends, in case, you plan to go with them.

  • Check out Toy Kingdom’s Toy Warehouse Sale Year 7 ~ this will be the perfect time to jump-start your Christmas shopping for presents for your kiddos or your godsons and goddaughters. Loads of branded toys will be on sale for up to 70% off, can you imagine that? If I live somewhere near, I will make sure to check this toy sale out. I will bet my hands, I will find a lot of nice toys that my little man will love! 
  • Go Out For A Walk ~ the nice sunny weekend weather is also the best time to go out to get some fresh air, especially if you have been cooped up at home for days on end due to a sick little man or the bad weather. Explore a bit of your city by going on a walk with your children and your family. I am sure you will find something new and interesting. Who knows you might even stumble upon a very cool looking street furniture, where you can take a lovely family picture or a selfie!  😀
  • Work On A Holiday ~ now this might be quite a bummer for some, but there are those who were a tad busy during regular days that they can only catch up on work during the long weekend. This mum is a perfect example, as I shall be busy tinkering on my blogs, beating up online deadlines and getting my blogs updated.
  • Have A Movie Marathon At Homewe get to have a movie marathon regularly, but the Halloween weekend seems to be great in catching up on those Halloween-related or horror films, if you are a sucker for those. I’ve just sampled the animation, Hotel Transylvania, the other day with my boys + I loved it!
  • Sleep, Sleep, Sleep ~ yes, the long weekend is also most ideal to catch up on those zzzzz and get as much rest as you like. After all, you needed all the rest and sleep you can get, to keep you up and running again when the next week starts. So off to La la land  you go! I’ll make sure we get a good dose of that, too.

Whatever you plan to do for this long weekend, the most important thing is you spend it with the people you love the most. Oh and I’d love to hear about your plan, do share it in a comment below. Happy weekend everyone!  :-))

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  1. Those are all nice things to do.. We also had a family bonding time with my family and watched Thor the Dark World.. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

    1. so true. we share the same sentiment! it would’ve been nice getting the little man his Christmas wishlist earlier on + at discount prize 🙂

  2. my sons and I plan to arrange closets this long weekend, to sort out outgrown/no longer used clothes and hand them down to people who needs them most especially in the Visayas and Zamboanga region

    1. i look forward to doing the same thing with my little man when he is a bit older with more outgrown clothes! what a worthwhile thing to do with your boys 🙂

  3. We will have long weekend too because on Monday it’s going to be a “no school day” national holiday. We will see what we can do on Sunday for the family.

  4. our fave things to do too on long weekend are movie marathon and sleep! it would also nice to visit the beach or nearest swimming pool:)

  5. from the end of Oct to the 1st week of Nov is usually trick or treating time here in our area. so mostly we go to places that does trick or treating fun for kids and Halloween party as well. =)

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