5 Bad Habits That You Need To Break NOW!

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You might have just enrolled for a grueling fitness schedule, have a ridiculous diet plan in front of you that needs to be followed, and the best intentions possible to see that this new year will not be like the old — that is — lose stubborn weight once and for all. But all this will come to naught if you are still stuck in the rut, if you still have habits that refuse to die hard! Maybe you don’t realise it, but there are certain traits that are actually detrimental to your weight loss goals and you might not even be aware of it. Here are 5 leadingreasons why diets fail and weight loss goals remain a distant dream. Identify these habits now and break them as you kick start the year with renewed vigour and determination.

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  1. Eating in front of the television ~ A recent study conducted by the University of Birmingham pointed out that those individuals who were distracted while eating food consumed much more than when they were focused on the meal. If you have been habituated to eating in front of television, you will need to realize that it might not be helping your situation. Instead take the time to step away from the television for that brief period of time that you are eating food and pay close attention to what you are eating. Not only will you be able to control the portion of food but also relish the flavors present in your plate.
  2. Eating in a large social groupWhen people get together with friends, family or in a community setting they happen to eat much more in that particular social setting. Especially, while watching a game with friends, most of us mindlessly grab a handful of fries and crisps without realizing how much we are consuming. In addition, if there are others who are overindulging in eating it becomes very easy to follow them without realizing the consequences.
  3. Boozing ~ Any one of us who has enjoyed the pleasant effects of alcohol may have also experienced the self-consciousness-lowering effects of the same, after more than what our capacity used to be. And even if a little alcohol is just fine from time to time, it actually sabotages one’s weight loss goals as it not only adds to the calorie consumption but also allows the individual to eat at will, without paying any attention to what is being consumed and the amount that is being consumed.
  4. Eating straight from the box ~ If you are eating directly from the package, all sense of portion control is lost. Whether one is eating crisps from a bag that is from a jar, or ice cream from the gallon; it becomes difficult to portion out the food even after having consumed more than one serving. Researchers from the Cornell University revealed that participants who ate out of a multiple serving package went on a bingeing rampage, as compared to those who were given just a portion of the serving that they were supposed to eat. Pay close attention to the size of the portion that you are consuming and if given a choice, refrain from eating straight out of the box.
  5. Consuming empty calories ~ Most of us who sit down for a snack usually reach out for candy, cookies or chips. These food products containing nothing more than mere, simple carbohydrates and sugars which is why most people go to town bingeing on them without ever feeling satiated. Foods that are rich in dense nutrients contain protein, fiber, vitamins and water content that make one feel full with just a small portion as compared to the empty feeling that the large bag of crisps gives you.

Mum’s Two Cents

If you aim to lose a number of unwanted pounds this year {like I always do every new year}, then you ought to heed these tips mentioned above. My particular favorite, and am sure most people are guilty of, is tip Number 5. I am prone to mindless snacking sometimes, too,and the best way I combat this is to not stock up on chips and other junk foods whenever I go to the grocers. Old bad habits might be a little bit too hard to break, but with an ounce of discipline, plus a good amount of determination, I know that we can all ace this one. So here’s to bidding those bad habits goodbye this year and saying hello to a fitter, healthier us! 🙂

Joe Bianchi is a fitness and lifestyle enthusiast, concerning himself mostly with writing articles related to weight loss, healthy living, overall being etc. He is affiliated to Nutra Pure HCG, a store that sells hCG drops that aid in weight loss.

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    1. it sure is as eating in front of the tv is more like a mindless eating, before you knew it you have eaten more than you intended to. hopefully you can break the habit soon

  1. Me, I started going back to running and workout. I am currently on a six-week challenge so we will see. I hope to keep it going. True. When you eat infront of a television, you won’t notice at all the portion of food you are consuming, thus you eat and eat.

    1. i also intend to lose a few pounds/inches this year + i shall be starting as soon as the red flag is over! i hope i can keep up with this. wow, that sounds cool. do share more of that six-week challenge with me 🙂

    1. sure do sis. it has been ages since i did yoga. Jared does not want to go with me to the yoga center, but am planning to go back this year, i badly need it 🙂

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