Teen Travelling Alone For The 1st time? Stay Updated With iOS Parental Control App

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Ever let your teen or pre-teen travel alone? Your probable answer is of course not, but in fact you have. What about all the trips in middle school or the overnight camps they went to, every time your teens did or do something like this without you, they are travelling alone. But this is different from taking long distance or international trips. The thought of your teen travelling alone so much far away from home for the first time can worry you sick. But before you allow your teen to travel alone, it is very important to understand the dangers involved and the safety measures you need to take to prevent them.

apps, mum finds, online resources for mums, technology, mobile apps for the familyTeens can be persuasive and stubborn, once they decide they want to do something they will make sure they do it. And parenting teens, you are well aware about how impulsive, careless and adventurous teens can be. Even if it’s a trip to a relative’s or a vacation with their friends, teens need to understand that they have to act responsibly. Once you think your teens are old enough to take a trip without you they are old enough to understand the important rules about travelling solo and how to take care of themselves.

But you cannot rely on children to stay safe entirely; you have to be aware of their whereabouts at all times. So instead of waiting for their calls to inquire about their safety, you can use iOS parental controls to monitor your teen even when they are far away. But why parents consider travelling alone dangerous for their teens.

Travelling alone can be dangerous

You’re standing there, waving good bye to your teen at the airport, when you see them disappearing along the queueyou think to yourself, “I hope she comes back as happy as she is now”. Of course you’re worried that something might happen to your teen.

The Allan Milligan incident, in which a teen died after he fell off a balcony during a vacation, proves that unsupervised vacations can be fatal for your teens. Your teen could get too adventurous and land straight into trouble or they might drink too much; take too many drugs and end up in the hospital or they can face an emergency they might not know how to deal with and so much more can happen.

It’s always good to talk!

Here are some things you need to talk to your teens before they start packing:

  • Travel safety.
  • Health issues.
  • Staying in contact.
  • Hotel etiquettes.
  • 911 moments.
  • The whole dating thing.
  • Public do’s and don’ts.
  • Restraunt and dinning manners.
  • Expenses and cash management.

Here’s what parents can do

However your teens try to object, there are a few rules you need to set and some things you need to sort out! It is going to be a new experience for them, they will learn a lot from the trip and most importantly they will realize how it feels to take care of them and act responsibly while enjoying life.  You have to do your part in making sure that your teens are safe when they are busy having fun, here’s what you can do:

  • First step is communication; tell them that you with a heavy heart have decided to let them travel alone so they have to make sure you don’t regret it. They have to act very maturely and take care of themselves and their health.
  • If your teen is under 15, make sure you are aware of the policies for the minors, of the places they are travelling to. Try and get them a direct flight/bus and be it constant contact with your relative or friend who has to pick them at with the airport/bus stand.
  • Like many parents, shift to the digital parenting and use parental monitoring apps like FamilyTime to keep an eye on your children even when you are not physically around.

apps, mum finds, online resources for mums, technology, mobile apps for the family

Don’t have FamilyTime in your phone? Simply download it for free from your iTunes or from these buttons below with just a tap:

Instead of calling them again and again to know where they are, simply know their location from your online dashboard along with date and time stamps. If they are going to a relative’s place or even to a hotel, simply Geo-fence that address to receive check-in and check-out alerts. Give your children the confidence that you will always be there when they need you.This iOS parental control lets your child send you SOS alerts in case of any emergency along with their location. So you can be there as soon as you can and help them out.

Make their trip fun and safe

Stay in touch with them; take interest in what their activities are on the trip and what they plan to do next. Constantly remind them that they need to be careful and take care of themselves while having the time of their lives. Recommend them some fun spots there if you know any. Trust your children to act responsible but act smartly to keep them safe!

Mum’s Two Cents

Letting our children travel on their own, especially when they are a bit older, is something inevitable. The sooner we accept that we cannot be around them all the time, the better off we are. But, thanks to technology and innovation, we can let our children go out on their own and still keep our sanity and our peace of mind. Two thumbs up for mobile phone apps like Family Time, for allowing us to look after our children’s welfare even when they are away from home.

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  1. What a great app. I will be so nervous when my boys are older and start to venture out on their own.

  2. My daughter is 10 and I am sweating bullets thinking about the day she gets to drive on her own. That is a scary time, glad there are resources out there that will help me when I need it.

    1. the thought is really scaring me now + my son is only 5! like you, it might really take me some time before i finally allow my son to travel on his own!

  3. I have two teens now. I allow my son to do more travel time than my daughter. As he will be turning 17 and she will be turning 15. My daughter is special needs and is not as mature as her brother.

    1. interesting stage for both parents + children, right? but it is also the time when the children need more guidance + encouragement from their parents.

  4. This is a really great app. It really is hard letting your kids gain independence! We still need to guide them along the way and make sure they’re following the rules!

  5. I remember traveling alone for the first time at 15 years of age to visit my dad in Las Vegas. I feel like I would have a heart attack if my son traveled alone now.

  6. What a awesome app. I wish that I seen this last year when my twins traveled alone. It would of gave me some peace of mind.

  7. This is such a great idea! My oldest is getting old enough to want to go off with his friends and I always worry when I don’t know where he is. I’m definitely looking into this!

  8. My teen daughter traveled to D.C. “alone” about a month ago. She went with a small group from school, but we were not there. She did great!

    1. that is good to know. I guess at some point we also need to learn to let them go + explore the world on their own. good to know that your daughter did great!

  9. It is important to have a phone to call. In our area they have taken out all the pay phones so cell phones are a must.

  10. This was a great app. i’m afraid when my boys turning into a teenager they will have a venture out of town

  11. How interesting to read this because I used to travel alone all the time when I was a teen. I would drive the two hours to my grandparents house with no cell phone and usually take my little brother with me. I guess you just can’t do that in todays time.

    1. yes times have changed and gone are the days when you can let teens travel on their own and not worry about them getting to their destination safely. this app sure is very handy!

  12. I had an app similar to this on my phone. At first my kids regretted it, saying that I was invading their privacy. But when they understood my anxiety when they travel alone or in a group of friends, they are even happy that I am able to track them whenever I want to. Now, they don’t mind it at all.

    1. i am sure the teens will understand that having this app to track their whereabouts is more for their safety that about their parents keeping tabs on them.

  13. Honestly, I’m kind of shocked that teens are going on vacation by themselves. I would never let me teens do that.

  14. This app is a really good resource. If kids have it installed on their phones from the first day they get them, they might not even notice/mind when they’re teens and know someone is looking over their shoulder!

  15. When I was a teen, I spent weeks away at camp and nights over at my best friend’s house. Now that I’m a mom, I can’t even fathom my daughter wanting to go away (she’s only 3 right now and so attached to me). I’m glad that technology will allow me to stay in touch when the time does come.

  16. That is a great app. My daughter is about to be that age, oy, it makes me a nervous wreck just thinking about it.

    1. i am having second thoughts myself, but i read somewhere that people do learn a lot by traveling and i cannot afford for my little man to miss that

  17. This sounds like an amazing app. i wish i had this when my kids were younger. I will share this with my friends that have kids.

  18. My daughter is only 3 but I’m not going to lie, it makes me so happy to know apps like this exist so when she’s older I won’t have to be completely stressed out! I just love technology these days 🙂

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